30 Vegan Recipes for a Perfectly Plant-Based April

April is here and it is time to embrace the spring season in all its glory. The lushness of green grass accompanies longer days, warmer weather and the first glimpses of flip flops. It is also a season of abundance, with crops such as asparagus, fennel, and artichokes being at their most tender. For maximum spring-time enjoyment, here are 30 plant-based recipes full of April goodness.

30 Vegan Recipes for a Perfectly Plant-Based April

1. 15-Minute Watercress Soup

Vegan watercress soup | image/Wilde Orchard

Rich in vitamin K and riboflavin, watercress is a deliciously peppery leaf. This piquant and speedy soup is topped with fried potato cubes for added texture.

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2. Spring Tabbouleh

Zesty Tabbouleh recipe | image/BBC Good Food

A quick and zesty meal full of strong flavors like radish and mint. Roasted chickpeas add some toothsome protein.

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3. Spring Vegetable Risotto

Risotto packed with seasonal veg | image/Veg Coast Cook

This dish is crammed with seasonal veg including asparagus and sugar snap peas. These are served slightly al dente to offset the creaminess of the arborio rice.

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4.Vegan Rhubarb Cheesecake

This rhubarb dessert is eye-catching | image/Cilantro and Citronella

With its tart, refreshing flavor, rhubarb is a common ingredient in springtime puddings, despite technically being a vegetable. In this creation, the poached rhubarb stalks are craftily interwoven atop the cashew cheesecake for an especially eye-catching dessert.

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5. Vegan Pizza

This pizza recipe is ideal for a lazy day | image/Lazy Cat Kitchen

For those evenings when only a pizza will do, this recipe calls for seasonal courgettes, tomatoes and fresh, homemade pesto.

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6. Vegan Fennel Paella

Vegan spicy fennel paella | image/Sweet Potato Soul

Fennel is at its most punchy at this time of year and adds a sweet, licorice heat to dishes. This paprika spiced paella combines fennel with other seasonal veggies including artichokes.

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7. Sun-Dried Tomato and Asparagus Vegan Quiche

Asparagus is emblematic of Spring | image/My Darling Vegan

Along with frolicking lambs and cheery daffodils, fresh asparagus is truly emblematic of the spring season. Traditionally named “Sparrow grass” the slightly acidic and earthy tasting spears go wonderfully with creamy dishes, such as this tofu-based quiche.   

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8. Swiss Chard Mushroom Enchiladas

Enchiladas are a Mexican classic | image/Making Thyme for Health

Full of iron and vitamin C, Swiss chard adds some bite to this Mexican classic.

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9. Cauliflower Meatballs

Cauliflower is a versatile vegan ingredient | image/Pasta Based

In recent years, cauliflower has become the Swiss army knife of foods, masquerading as rice, Buffalo wings and now, meatless meatballs. This recipe blends chewy cauliflower with nutty brown rice.

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10. Spanakopita

Spanakopita is a Greek classic | image/The Veg Life

The ultimate “put colour in your cheeks” vegetable, spinach is rich in vitamin K, C, iron, and manganese. It is also delightfully acerbic when baked in filo with vegan ricotta such as in this Greek staple.

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11. Roasted Beetroot Hummus

Try vibrant beetroot hummus this Spring | image/Minimalist Baker

The vibrantly coloured beetroot is at its sweetest during the spring harvest and adds some robustness to the classic chickpea dish.

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12. Potato Salad

Add spring onions to this vegan potato salad | image/This Savory Vegan

Made using baby potatoes and vegan mayonnaise, this dish ups the seasonal factor with its sprinkling of spring onions.

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13. Homemade Vegan Easter Eggs

Try these vegan Easter eggs on Easter Sunday | image/ The Rose and Bean

With Easter Sunday falling on the 21st, April is a month to get creative with cocoa. This is a two in one recipe, for both Oreo and chocolate-orange eggs. Once you’ve cracked the method, the miniature eggs can be filled with whatever you most want to sink your teeth into.

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14. Italian Stuffed Artichokes

This stuffed artichoke is savoury and citrusy | image/Pasta Based

Not to be confused with the Jerusalem variety which is a rather nobbly tuber, globe artichokes are at their best right now. Savoury and citrusy, this dish stuffs the terrestrial looking plant with cashew nuts and breadcrumbs.

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15. Vegan Spring Bruschetta

Bruschetta is the ultimate spring dish | image/Tasty Kitchen

Is there anything better than bread? In fact yes there is. Bread topped with delicious, springtime produce like radishes and dill. This version is spread with a lentil dip for a more protein-packed take on the Italian classic.

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16.Vegan Spring Rolls

Fresh spring rolls recipe | image/Simple Vegan Blog

With their origins firmly in China, these tasty morsels get their name from their filling of fresh spring vegetables. This version includes cabbage, bean-sprouts, and onions.

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17. Butternut Squash and Tofu Rendang Curry

Rendang curry recipe | image/Vegan Recipe Club

The aptly named squash lends its smooth, light taste to this fiery, creamy tofu coconut curry.

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18. Cheesy Vegan Potato and Broccoli Casserole

Vegan cheesy casserole | image/I love Vegan

The cruciferous broccoli is in full bloom over the spring, gracing allotments everywhere with its fuzzy orbs. This recipe puts the slightly acrid taste to great use by complementing it with a rich, creamy, dairy-free cheesy sauce.

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19. Creamy Linguine with Vegetables

Creamy linguine recipe | image/One Green Planet

Packed with seasonal asparagus and ripe tomatoes, this pasta dish uses hummus as a garlicky, dairy-free base.

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20. Vegan Succotash

This succotash recipe is packed with protein | image/Planticize

A classic New World Foods dish, this succotash mixes tumescent grains of sweetcorn with fibrous lima beans and tofu for a complete protein fix.

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21. Sheet Pan Veggie Dinner with Miso and Maple Dressing

This recipe is packed with healthy green veg | image/ Vegan Richa

Reaping nature’s harvest, this meatless recipe is so full of veg it practically glows green with plentiful chlorophyll.

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22. Perfect Vegan Coleslaw

This recipe for vegan coleslaw uses cashew cream | image/Pass the Plants

For fully raw plant power, this slaw slathers seasonal veggies in a tangy cashew cream and mustard dressing.

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23. Spring Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad | image/Two Peas and Their Pod

This dish contains a quadruple threat serving of quinoa, asparagus, avocado, and peas. The aromatic lemon dressing offsets the maltiness of the quinoa.

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24. Spring Vegetable Pad Thai

This pad Thai recipe is packed with veggies | image/The Roasted Root

This colourful rendition of the Thai dish includes edamame, asparagus and cabbage all wound up with rice noodles and a moreish peanut sauce.

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25.Vegan Zucchini Fritters with Vegan Sour Cream

Serve these zucchini fritters with vegan sour cream | image/Vegan Insanity

This green vegetable really doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The zucchini can be stuffed, fried, blanched and even played as an instrument. Or, if you prefer, it can be fried up with coriander and topped with dairy-free sour cream for a tasty snack.

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26. Fully Loaded Spring Samosas

These samosas are inspired by fresh Vietnamese spring rolls | image/My New Roots

Inspired by Vietnamese summer rolls, these triangular parcels of freshness are made using rice paper wraps, veggies, and eastern spices.

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27. Spinach and Pea Pilau

This spinach and pea pilau is easy to make | image/BBC Good Food

Simple and delicious, this recipe calls for Popeye’s favourite leaf and sweet peas for a mineral-rich rice dish.

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28. Carrot Cake

Serve up vegan carrot cake this Easter | image/Ethical Chef

Not only are carrots an excellent source of beta-carotene, they are also sweet enough to be used in both savoury and sweet dishes, such as this moreish carrot cake. A handy gateaux to have on hand should the Easter Bunny turn out to have a sweet tooth.

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29. Layered, Crunchy Gooseberry Fool

This fool recipe calls for tangy gooseberries | image/Vegalicious

The semi-translucent gooseberry can be slightly caustic, but this recipe brings out the fruit’s fresh tang by layering a gooseberry compote with crushed ginger snaps and vegan whipped cream.

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30. Chewy Apricot Almond Oatmeal Cookies

Chewy oatmeal cookies | image/Keepin it Kind

Combining sweet apricots, hearty oats and mellow almonds these cookies score on every level. Oh, they can also be made with dairy-free chocolate chips.

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