5 Top Notch Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles


The City of Angels is just heaven in terms of its super healthy selection of vegan eateries. Knowing tons of decent dining options abound, this is quite the relief when you’re somewhat familiar with La La Land’s expansive terrain. But, if you’re just trying to pin-down the best of the best on a flying visit, finding the tip-top of green-friendly spots can be fairly challenging.

Fear not though, we here at Live have taken the time to check out every meat-free nook and cranny of PETA’s #2 ranked herbivore haven as is humanly possible, and are more than happy to help you hit the plant-based mark on your travels round Tinseltown.

Make no mistake though, this list has been really tough to narrow down with the wealth of whole-food choices here, therefore a “Part 2 on this might be necessary! But for now, to save you from the side-dishes, here’s 5 of our favorite cruelty-free breakfast, lunch and dinner joints.

5 Top Notch Vegan Eateries | Los Angeles


Located in the busy mile long stretch of boutiques, galleries and restaurants of Abbott Kinney, this gorgeous juice bar and cafe is the perfect breakfast/brunch spot. Although 100% vegetarian in this case, most of the menu is actually vegan, and, gluten free. On this though, just to note, a huge plus is how seriously accommodating they are as regards substitutions.


Having their renowned and amazingly yum Classic Avocado Toast served with their 9-Grain bread instead of the menu intended 12-Grain as advised by their incredibly friendly and informative staff, I was good to go.

Also boasting an extensive list of delicious cold-pressed juices and raw smoothies, their impressive selection of baked goods are FULLY vegan, AND, all made in house…WHOOP!

Where? Venice
When? Mon – Thurs 8am – 10pm | Friday & Saturday 8am – 10.30pm | Sunday 8am – 9.30pm


Another Venice gem, this bustling all-day ultra-modern eatery is an absolute treat for lunch. With their tableware earnestly inquiring, “What are you grateful for?,” it’s a question you won’t have to spend too much time mulling over…especially once you feast your eyes upon the deliciousness that’s laid on before you!


Top picks include the Magical/CG Double Double Sandwich, Bountiful/Blackened Tempeh Bolognese, and Gracious/Autumn Grain Salad. Also offering a ton of bite-size chocolate noms, these mini desserts were just made to be washed down by their amazing list of speciality brews. Highly recommended is the “Vibrant”/Matcha Latte, which just so happens to pair perfectly with their Joy/Raw Almond Coconut Nuggets. Thankful? Oh hell yeah…

Where? Venice
When? 8am – 10pm Everyday


Situated on Santa Monica’s swish Montana Avenue, Pradeep’s has been serving exceptional Indian cuisine for over 20 years. Being abundant in plant-based options, you couldn’t possibly find yourself in a better place to be a hungry vegan. Dishes are sophisticated, simply luscious, and utterly satiating…ok, ok, I’m a fan!


But seriously, if Indian food is your jam, this joint is an absolute must for dinner. Favorites include the Samosas, Mixed Vegetable Tikka Masala and Saag Channa (Garbanzo in Spinach Curry). Another excellent pick is the Onion & Fresh Spinach Pakoras / Bhaji, which, in my humble opinion, should come with a warning – it’s just to DIE for…so keep some room, ‘cause seconds WILL be tempting!

Where? Santa Monica
When? 11am – 9.30pm Everyday


One of West Hollywood’s finest, this upscale Mexican hotspot is NOT to be missed. With a highly delectable menu nicely complimented by impeccably decorated interior, throw the glad-rags on, and get ready for some excellent food, and, even better people-watching…because, yes folks, this is about as trendy as it comes!


Now, back to the nosh! So everything here’s a winner, but shout-outs would definitely go to the “Crab” Cakes, Aged Truffle Cheese Plate, Black Bean Burger and most definitely the jackfruit infused Tacos, which are honestly outstanding. What’s also sensational is their superb cocktail list, having a range of tequilas to tickle every palate.

So, plenty to choose from, but for my money, the good old House Margarita is kind of phenomenal! Being ideal to sip with their organic, locally sourced, farm fresh fare, a night out in this joint is a true blessing!         

Where? West Hollywood
When? Weekdays 11am – 11pm | Weekends 10am – 11pm


Located on Montana Avenue, this little treasure is conveniently about 7 blocks from the beach in one direction, and 7 blocks from Pradeep’s in the other. But whatever your plans for the day, whether sunbathing or fancy supper, I once again suggest you save some room to pop in here and try out this crazy good soft-serve.


At this point, having had it tons already, I plan to become their best customer! Not only is this place super cute, but it’s also 100% vegan – so no second guessing the deets of your dessert, with everything on the menu being both dairy and gluten free. Even better, with zero artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, you can rest assured your sweet tooth will be satisfied in the healthiest way possible…people, it’s just fruit!

Each flavor is insanely delicious, but I have to say, stand out for me is the Coconut & Cacao, which tastes so decadent and chocolaty, it’s unbelievable. In addition, they offer a range of very cool and seriously funky toppings to jazz up your dessert of choice. An edible orchid? Eh…YES PLEASE!

Where? Santa Monica
When? Mon – Fri 12 (noon) – 10pm | Saturday & Sunday 11am – 10pm

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