Daniella Monet Is Motivating Mothers Everywhere to Go Vegan


Daniella Monet has released a video titled “The HARDEST PART about my pregnancy.” In the video — posted on YouTube — she compares her own experiences of pregnancy with that of dairy cows.

Monet — an actor and singer — is widely known for her role in the Nickelodeon teen sitcom “Victorious.”

In the video, she urges her nearly 450,000 YouTube subscribers to help end the suffering of dairy cows by ditching animal products. Monet has been a vegetarian since she was five and a vegan since she was 13.

Monet discusses the treatment of dairy cows and compares it with her own human experience of pregnancy. She watches and discusses the videos exposing animal abuse at Fair Oaks Fairlife and Natural Prairie.

“When I think of a mother cow and her baby I think of the relationship they don’t have,” says Monet. “I think about the nine months they spend trying to connect to this baby they are growing and nourishing, and then to have it taken away from them.”

This is in reference to the immediate separation of mother and calf, an industry standard for dairy. UK animal rights charity Viva! — which has also led several high-profile animal agriculture exposés — suggests on its website that this happens as soon as 48 hours.

“There are so many people out there that feel like they’re not participating in cruelty because they buy organic,” says Monet, referring specifically to Natural Prairie Organic Dairy Farm where violent animal abuse was filmed.

While watching a separate video of abuse at FairLife’s Fair Oaks Farm, Monet is visibly tearful and asks, “what is wrong with these people? This is so, so horrific. I just want this to go away in my lifetime.”

Ditching Dairy

Many Americans are already moving away from dairy milk, in part because of the huge impact the industry has on the environment. According to a survey from the beginning of this year, 48 percent of U.S. consumers regularly purchase vegan milk.

But Monet wants more people to go all of the way. “I would feel a different level of happiness if I know that everyone just gave up dairy,” she concludes. “It’s really that simple. I know it sounds like its a feat, and it will be, but it’s just about getting the message across and connecting the dots. It’s a vicious cycle and it starts with us not buying dairy.”

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