More Than Half of British Consumers Adopting ‘Vegan Buying Behaviours’

Veganism took the UK by storm last year, it crept into our pubs, restaurants, and our supermarkets. Everywhere you look, more and more vegan options seem to be appearing across the country.

This is no surprise when a recent statistic from The Vegan Society is considered, the data shows that 56% of the British public are changing the way they shop and consume, adopting ‘vegan buying behaviours’. Undoubtedly, people are more aware than ever of the effects of their own actions on the welfare of animals, the environment and their own health.

The recent growth in the UK has been impressive in terms of vegan options, however, The Vegan Society says that there is still work to do and we must strive to keep developing the vegan market.

Elena Orde, communications officer for The Vegan Society said, ‘we’ve seen some fantastic strides forward in terms of new, affordable vegan products in supermarkets and restaurants, but we want to make it even easier for people to go vegan and stay vegan.’

She added that the increase in vegan options will benefit everyone. She said, ‘offering vegan food options makes clear commercial sense – businesses are opening the potential market up to not only half a million vegans in Britain, but also to a million more vegetarians, the huge number of meat and dairy reducers, the lactose intolerant, the health-conscious and others who simply enjoy vegan food from time to time.’