12 Ways to be a Vegan and Still Eat ‘Chicken’

For many, embracing a plant-based diet may seem like an utterly unachievable feat, as the ditching rich comfort foods and beloved taste of meat for a nutrient ‘deficient’ kale smoothie is rather terrifying. It is all too common for people to say ‘I could go vegan but only if I still ate chicken’. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be either or. Plant-based alternatives to traditional ways of eating are ever-increasing; from SunFed’s ‘Chicken-Free Chicken’, Gardein ‘Chickn’, Beyond Meat’s Chicken-Free Strips, Tofurky’s Slow Roasted Chick’n and a multitude of other packaged vegan ‘chicken’ products – this meat could well be one of the easiest things to replace with a plant based diet yet is still relatively unknown about.

Due to the alternatives being made from plants, some personal benefits can be expected too. Plant based chicken products are often better sources of protein, contain no sex hormones or antibiotics, no saturated fat and no cholesterol.

Giving up chicken as you know it doesn’t have to be the case. It’s totally possible to still enjoy the taste and texture of chicken yet eat vegan. Better still, you can easily veganize chicken from comfort of your own kitchen.

12 Ways to be a Vegan and Still Eat Chicken

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‘Chicken’ Rolls Made Using Jackfruit

Perfect for your next BBQ, picnic or filling lunch – these veganized ‘chicken’ rolls will be a hit with a wide variety of guests. You wouldn’t know it’s not real meat.

Get the recipe here.

Chicken Cutlets

This easy to follow recipe video shows you exactly how to make veganized ‘chicken’ cutlets at home and creates a believable yet delicious final product.

Butter ‘Chicken’ Curry

Made using tofu in place of meat and a creamy cashew sauce in place of butter – this recipe is familiar and comforting plus, it tastes just like chicken.

Get the recipe here.

Oven Roasted Jerk ‘Chicken’

Here’s a little secret: Some vegans still enjoy the taste of meat! They just choose not to eat it for other reasons. This recipe makes the easiest oven roasted jerk ‘chicken’ (however you wouldn’t know the difference).

Fried ‘Chicken’

Made from seitan in place of actual chicken – there could be no other words to describe this recipe than a resounding ‘Hell Yeah!’ This goes perfectly sandwiched between fresh burger buns for a veganized comfort meal.

Get the recipe here.

Easy Vegan ‘Chicken’

You won’t be seeing any leftovers if making this incredibly simple and incredibly tasty veganized ‘chicken’. Try serving it at your next social sports game social.

‘Chicken-Style’ Roast

This ‘chicken-style’ seitan makes the perfect roast when whole or sliced into sandwich-sized cold cuts. It’s strikingly similar to how chicken-eaters will remember and the versatility is endless.

Get the recipe here.

Fried Cauliflower ‘Chicken

Did someone say fried chicken? No longer do you have to settle for a greasy bucket of KFC – now you can simply pick up a cauliflower from the markets and follow this recipe to make the ultimate feast.

Crispy ‘Chick’n’ Caesar Salad

Going meat-free doesn’t have to mean you never eat a crispy chicken Caesar salad again. This recipe is a delicious plant-based take on a childhood favourite which makes it difficult to tell the difference between chicken and ‘chicken’.

Get the recipe here.

FullyRaw Un-Chick’n Salad

Even raw vegans can enjoy the familiar taste and texture of a chicken-style favourite – this recipe is quick, easy and the final product is nothing short of gorgeous.

Coronation ‘Chicken’ Sandwich

This coronation no-chicken sandwich is so easy to make – plus it only takes 5 minutes. There’s no actual chicken in sight yet this recipe is high in fiber and iron and free of hormones.