10 Designer Brands That are Vegan, Eco-friendly and Ethical

New York Fashion Week is almost upon us! Where the hottest, latest and trendiest designers ‘strut their stuff.’ This event sparks change in the current fashion industry by debuting innovative new designs, sometimes-questionable products and creative ways to wear clothing. NYFW is where every blogger, fashionista and influencer wants to be.

In light of Winter/Spring New York Fashion Week and recent increases of pressure to eliminate cruelty within the fashion industry, here is some of the top, growing number of designer brands, which are vegan, ethically-produced and eco-friendly.

These talented designers prove that veganism can extend to more than just the food on your plate and take sustainability to a whole new level of style.

10 Designer Brands That are Vegan, Eco-friendly and Ethical!

1. Stella McCartney

This vegan queen designer and pioneer of ethical fashion recently launched her line of vegan silk and encourages consumers to consider what their food and fashion garment materials are actually made of. Following criticism over her choice to ditch all animal products in both her personal life, and her professional fashion career, McCartney aptly said in an interview with The Business of Fashion Magazine, “the consumption of animals – whether you’re wearing them or eating them – is extraordinarily damaging to the planet.”

2. Vaute Couture

To long-time animal rights activist Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, veganism is more than just a diet. That’s why she made her brand, Vaute Couture, 100% vegan, eco-friendly and sweatshop-free! This label uses organic, recycled and high-tech fabrics to create sustainable outerwear staples. Hilgart said about her brand in an interview“I started with outerwear because I found being cold was an excuse to wear animal products.” 

3. Cri de Couer

To symbolise their desire for change to the fashion and accesorry market, Cri de Couer literally translates from the French definition, ‘to cry from the heart’. This brand is committed to educating consumers upon how veganism is more than just a diet, and they have high standards of ethical practices to produce their stylish products. Using top-quality, 100% vegan materials (PETA approved), Cri de Couer also plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold.

4. Matt & Nat

Colourful minimalistic eco-friendly, vegan bags and accessories made from recycled materials and organic products to promote sustainability. Not only are Matt & Nat’s stylish products good for the planet, the company also maintain high ethics and only work with factories that meet or exceed the SA8000 standard, also using recycled materials to ship or carry goods.

Based in Montreal, Canada, this brand has grown and expanded into a global marketplace, now with 400+ stockists in countries such as New Zealand, Germany, Japan and The Czech Republic.

5. OlsenHaus

To promote consciousness and how easy it is to lead a compassionate lifestyle without compromising on luxury or fashion, founder of OlsenHaus; Elizabeth Olsen, is pioneering the vegan fashion industry and changing the way consumers think about style and ethical production. Olsen works with various designers and judges design competitions as part of her efforts to inspire students to consider using sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free design materials. Furthermore, OlsenHaus has donated hundreds of products for animal organisation fundraising events.

6. John Bartlett

Award-winning ‘designer of the year’, John Bartlett has chosen to make his vegan lifestyle consistent with his fashion career. Bartlett is a long-time campaigner of animal rights and works with organisations such as the Humane Society, to action change, raise awareness and spread the message of compassion. This designer made Fashion Week history with the debut of his 100% cruelty-free, eco-luxe, menswear collection in February 2012.

7. Umasan

Ethical producers of vegan fashion clothing, Umasan made headlines in the Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion week with their multi-generational models who showcased androgynous items, made from eco-forward, high-tech materials. Anja and Sandra Umann are the founders, and identical twin sisters of this brand which is a pioneer in the sustainable fashion industry.

Sandra Umann said in an interview with Ecoterre“I feel like we’re creating a brave new world combining high end taste with the latest innovation regarding the longevity of planet earth and its inhabitants.”

8. Melie Bianco

‘Accessories with purpose’.

Melie Bianco make affordable handbags from premium vegan leather, using fair trade principals and an animal-free, cruelty-free environment. Despite being made in China, this brand is 100% sweat-shop free and operate under a Profit Sharing Model, as Melie Bianco grows, so do the workers and the profits they receive. This brand has won PETA’s ‘Best Animal-Friendly Accessories’ award and been featured in many popular magazines.

9. Dalia Macphee

Dalia Macphee is the founder of brand, DALIA MACPHEE, has been called ‘the new IT girl of the red carpet’ by The Toronto Sun. This Canadian dress designer now stocks (mostly) vegan gowns in worldwide distributors, and celebrities are a huge fan of her designs. Dalia Macphee is also involved in many worthy causes which are, ‘changing the world one gown at a time’.

10. Miakoda

Proving that sustainability can be sexy and fashion doesn’t have to come at the compromise of compassion, Miakoda emphasizes ecology and design excellence, equally. Using materials to not only beautify the planet, these garments make fashion and innovation just as hot. Revolutionizing the fashion industry with skillfully created, ethically produced clothes, 100% recycled packaging and 100% plant-based material fibers, this brand strives to ‘create CHANGE‘ in the way we consume and the way we treat the planet and it’s inhabitants.


Has sustainability ever looked so stunning? These fashion-forward designs are only making us rather impatient to see more of eco-friendly, innovative designs, at November’s Green Fashion Week in Rome and Naples!

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