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Have you tried jackfruit? This versatile ingredient is a common staple in meat-free diets, as it has a remarkably similar texture to pulled pork, chicken or duck. These fruits can be rather massive, and prickly on the outside, but have tender, juicy flesh once opened. When cooked, the flesh has a shredded, meaty texture.

Ripe jackfruit can be eaten raw or cooked, but the stringy, green, unripe jackfruit is most useful for interesting meat substitute recipes. Looking for some recipes to add a new element of innovate cooking to your to-do list? We’ve got you covered with this eclectic list.

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Top 10 Interesting Jackfruit Recipes To Replace Meat Dishes

1. Jackfruit Thai Curry

If chicken curry is something you crave, or are potentially missing, jackfruit thai curry delivers all the flavours and texture of a meat-based curry but without any of the actual meat. This recipe goes down a hit at family meals, and is devoured by any green curry-lover. You can find this recipe here.

2. Jackfruit ‘Crab Cakes’

Getting a little crabby? Nourish your appetite with these jackfruit ‘Crab Cakes’. This recipe has the option to make 7 jackfruit ‘crab cakes’ with beans, or 9 with tofu, you can choose which protein to make them with depending on how hungry you are. You can find this recipe here.

3. Jackfruit Enchiladas

This casserole-style dish is fantastic at family or social dinners, requiring a contribution, that people wouldn’t know or expect to be vegan. How could you go wrong with the ‘meaty’ texture of jackfruit and a spicy tomato sauce, wrapped in corn tortillas, covered with cashew ‘cream’ and enchilada sauce? You can find this recipe here.

4. Barbeque Pulled Jackfruit Tacos

When cooked in this way, ‘the texture of the jackfruit is stringy, a bit chewy, and substantially meaty enough to stand up to being cooked for a good while in a tasty sauce.’ If the sound of vegan ‘pulled pork’ tacos isn’t enough to convince you to make these, the to-die-for BBQ will be. You can find this recipe here.

5. Jackfruit ‘Bacon

Everybody loves bacon right? Now vegans can enjoy this popular, crispy product too, while it may sound strange, don’t knock it till you try it. We’re seeing jackfruit bacon on toast, pancakes or vegan BLT in the near future… You can find this recipe here.

6. Jackfruit Teriyaki Sushi Bowl

Pulled jackfruit, slathered in teriyaki sauce is a must-have for any decent sushi bowl. This recipe closely mimics teriyaki chicken, and is the perfect alternative to BBQ pulled jackfruit, if you are wanting to change things up a bit and add some flair to your weekly meal planning. You can find this recipe here.

7. Jackfruit ‘Fried Chicken’

Opposed to shredding the jackfruit for pulled ‘pork’ or pulled ‘chicken’, this recipe calls for the jackfruit to be kept in tact, mimicking the texture of fried chicken wings. Forget KFC, there’s a new player in town! You can find this recipe here.

8. Jackfruit Pot Pie

After making pulled jackfruit and pondering alternative ways in which jackfruit could be used as a meat substitute, the Jackfruit Pot Pie was born. The thought of tucking into a fresh, hot pie with flaky pastry on a cold evening is just truly mouth-watering. You can find this recipe here.

9. Jackfruit ‘Meatballs’

Using jackfruit, chickpea flour and a range of spices, this recipe proves how versatile and delicious the humble jackfruit is. These moist ‘meatballs’ can be baked or fried and are perfect in tacos, sub sandwiches or in pasta dishes. You can find this recipe here.

10. Jackfruit Fish-Free Tacos

Similar to a Jackfruit ‘Tuna’ Salad, this recipe is a hit with crowds and brings meat-free, Mexican-style flair to your meal. As aptly put by the creator, ‘If you like the idea of a big payoff for very little work, then these are your tacos.’ You can find this recipe here.


Do you buy jackfruit, or are you not a fan of similarly textured, faux meat dishes? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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