10 Extremely Delicious Vegan Curry Recipes

Did you know that traditional Indian cuisine is predominately vegan yet the demand from Western consumers over many generations has morphed authentic Indian dishes from plant-based to heavy in animal products?

This means vegan curries are super easy to make! Here are 10 tasty curries for you to try.

10 Crazy Delicious Vegan Curry Recipes

1. Spicy Chickpea and Cauliflower Tandoori

This easy and colourful recipe is not only thick and flavourful, it’s also packed full of goodness to give you lots of yummy nutrients.

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2. Thai Noodle Curry

BBC Good Food describes their recipe as “[a]n easy vegan version of a Thai noodle curry, packed with vegetables, coconut milk, chili and spices to make a flavorsome, warming family meal.” We love the sound of that, and it’s likely you and your guests will too!

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3. Easy Coconut Curry

This is a super-simple recipe that is packed with vegetables and will more-than satiate a crowd. If you are searching for a curry recipe that is heavy on the coconut cream but light on the heat – look no further.

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4. Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Spinach Curry

If you believe that healthy food equals bland food – then this recipe will prove you wrong, and it’s still simple to make. Did someone say seconds…?

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5. One-Pot Lentil Dhal

A brilliant go-to dinner recipe on lazy, gray days. This dhal is cheap, easy, healthy and flavorful and is made using only one pot – not to mention it’s full of protein and low in fat. What more could you ask for?

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6. Quick Chana Masala

Veganelga says “[t]his curry is hearty, delicious, and ready in no time. With the addition of baby spinach, it’s colorful and nutritious.” – So we say get your biggest dinner bowls ready!

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7. Thai Golden Vegetable Curry

Everyone is sure to love this homemade vegetable curry with Thai tones. Aptly described as an easy, authentic, delicious and nutritious meal for cold winter nights that call for comfort foods and Netflix.

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8. Citrus Pumpkin Curry

This unique curry offers an array of bright colors – orange, yellow, and red – infused with citrus accents which is a due change from potatoes and chickpea. It’s as beautiful as it is delicious and perfect year-round – however, we suggest serving at an upcoming ‘Thanks Living‘ banquet.

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9. ‘Un-Butter Chicken’

Butter Chicken is a very common curry that is available in nearly every modern curry takeaway or restaurant. However, this recipe is creamy, familiar and comforting taste tastes remarkably similar to chicken, proving that if you can make it; it can be made vegan too.

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10. Mushroom Matar Masala

Mushrooms add another texture and earthy flavor to this hearty yet healthy curry. ‘Matar’ means peas – and mushroom paired with peas can be a rather unbeatable combination.

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