100% Pure Raises Money With Vegan Products to Save Dogs From Yulin Meat Festival

100% Pure Raises Money With Vegan Products to Save Dogs From Yulin Meat Festival

Cosmetics brand 100% Pure announced it will donate profits from sales of selected products to charities working to rescue dogs from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which takes place in June, is an annual ten-day event that sees the death of 10,000 dogs for human consumption. Activists have opposed the festival for years, namely due to inhumane methods of slaughter and substandard hygiene practices, the Independent said. Further, visitors have reported sighting dogs with collars, signifying they are stolen pets.

100% Pure wrote online, “We, the founders and the entire 100% Pure team, are devastated about the dogs that will be tortured in next month’s Yulin festival in China.”

The brand announced it will donate 100 percent of profits from sales of selected five-piece beauty sets. Two of the sets – Shine Free and Floral Body Team Trio – are vegan.

“100% of the profits from these sets will be used to get as many dogs out of there!” the cosmetics company said. “Please shop and spread this news to all your friends because the more money that’s raised, the more dogs we can save from getting tortured and into a safe, dog sanctuary.”

“We’re currently vetting different charities that are working on the ground to save as many dogs as possible, we’ll announce the final partners soon,” 100% Pure added.

Since its launch, 100% Pure has been cruelty-free. The brand has always been vegetarian, and according to its website is in the process of eliminating honey ingredients to become entirely vegan.

100% Pure works with natural ingredients to create a variety of makeup, skin, hair, and body products. Founder Susie Wang described her mission as creating the “absolute healthiest, purest, most nourishing formulas.” By opting for 100% Pure products, “you’ll never have to choose between safe ingredients and healthy skin or gorgeous results,” the brand said.

In a bid to avoid chemical use, 100% Pure offers cosmetics colored with fruit, vegetable, and tea pigments. These items “contain an exorbitant amount of skin beneficial vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy phyto nutrients that make skin healthier.”

The brand joins others making similar efforts to rescue dogs from meat trade industries. Earlier this year, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy partnered with the Humane Society International to save ninety dogs from the South Korean dog meat trade.