11 Vegan Meat Brands Better Than the Real Thing

Oumph! ribs

Thanks to innovation in the plant-based food sector and growing consumer demand for meat alternatives, there are plenty of store-bought vegan meats available around the world. A new campaign from Re:wild, formerly the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, says reducing meat and dairy can have big impacts in the fight against climate change. These 11 meaty products help you enjoy all the comforts of your favorite foods while adhering to a vegan diet.

11 Vegan Meat Brands That Taste Better Than the Real Thing

The Beyond Burger is Beyond Meat’s signature product.

1. Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger has dominated the vegan meat market, attracting fans in both the restaurant industry and retailers around the world. This “bleeding” vegan beef patty replicates the taste, texture, and sizzle of an animal-based burger, without the cholesterol.

The Beyond Sausage has a texture like authentic pork sausage.

2. Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage

Prefer hot dogs to burgers? Beyond Meat has you covered. The Beyond Sausage is available in Whole Foods across the US, and just like the Beyond Burger, it doesn’t disappoint in the taste and texture department. Fill a fluffy vegan pretzel bun with the Original Brat, then let your mind run wild with toppings for a ballpark favorite you can enjoy at home.

11 Vegan Meat Brands Better Than the Real Thing
These vegan chorizo crumbles are perfect for tacos.

3. Tofurky Vegan Chorizo

Vegan brand Tofurky has been in the game since 1995. Its plant-based chorizo crumbles are spicy and flavorful—perfect for potato and chorizo tacos.

Pair these vegan Buffalo wings with dairy-free blue cheese.

4. Field Roast Fruffalo Wings

These crave-worthy plant-based bites by Field Roast rival any animal-based wing, in both taste and texture. Just be sure to have some vegan ranch nearby, these snacks are seriously spicy! For a more mild spread, go for the mini corn dogs; they are equally as delicious, without the burn.

11 Vegan Meat Brands Better Than the Real Thing
Quorn’s products have a realistic texture thanks to mycoprotein.

5. Quorn Chicken Nuggets

Made from mycoprotein, a plant-based protein derived from fungi, UK-based brand Quorn’s vegan chicken nuggets have a realistic texture. Pair them with fries for an easy, satisfying meal.

11 Vegan Meat Brands Better Than the Real Thing
This jackfruit tastes just like pulled pork.

6. Upton’s Naturals Jackfruit

What’s the secret to mastering the texture of traditional pulled pork? Jackfruit. This colossal somewhat alien-looking fruit magically transforms into succulent plant-based pulled pork when cooked and seasoned. Upton’s Naturals has embraced the versatility of the jackfruit to create meaty substitutes to satisfy any palate. For a Texan-worthy pulled pork sandwich, go for the barbecue variety.

11 Vegan Meat Brands Better Than the Real Thing
Oumph! makes vegan ribs, fillets, and more.

7. Oumph!

This Swedish vegan meat producer is rapidly expanding across Europe and the UK with its meaty seasoned bites. The range offers Pulled Oumph, Kebab Spiced, The Chunk, and other variations of hearty plant-based meats. Brush on the barbeque sauce and sink your teeth into some homemade vegan ribs.

11 Vegan Meat Brands Better Than the Real Thing
This plant-based “chopped chicken” is made from whole food ingredients.

8. The Abbot’s Butcher Chicken

There is a plethora of vegan chicken on the market, but The Abbot’s Butcher has won over the stomachs of vegans and self-proclaimed carnivores alike. This plant-based chicken is made from whole food ingredients, including wheat protein, pea protein, and herbs and spices. You can marinate it, stir-fry it, or cook it however you would make traditional chicken.

11 Vegan Meat Brands Better Than the Real Thing
These vegan fish fillets are perfectly crisp on the outside.

9. Gardein Golden Fishless Filet

Gardein was one of the first vegan companies to really shine with its incredible meat-like products. When the world of plant-based meat was defined by mushy veggie burgers and spongy mock meat, the company gained attention with its crispy, slightly addictive chicken fingers and saucy beefless bites. Gardein makes a wide range of products, but if you’re in the mood for fish and chips, their Golden Fishless Filets will hit the spot.

11 Vegan Meat Brands Better Than the Real Thing
Your vegan sandwich awaits.

10. Yves Veggie Cuisine Deli Slices

Create an epic sandwich by piling on slice after savory slice of Yves’ deli slices. This Canadian company makes ham, turkey, salami, and bologna vegan slices to satisfy any sandwich craving. Carve up two thick slices of bread, slather on the mustard, and don’t forget the pickles! This sandwich is going to be good.

11 Vegan Meat Brands Better Than the Real Thing
Vegan meat brand VBites makes a wide variety of products.

11. VBites Sausages

Owned by Heather Mills, VBites distributes a wide range of vegan meats (including several flavors of juicy sausages) to stores across the UK and Europe, so you can enjoy a proper meaty English breakfast the vegan way.