12 Ways to Ethically Eat Eggs on a Vegan Diet

In the past, eggs have presented quite the challenge for vegans. Many have believed they are essential in the culinary world due to their unique binding qualities, and it is true that many egg-based dishes, from omelets to cakes to creme brulees, have been difficult to replicate with a vegan alternative. However, the recent innovations in plant-based foods have overcome these challenges, and people no longer have to sacrifice the foods they love for their dietary preferences. There is no need to consume the cholesterol found in eggs to enjoy a hearty breakfast scramble, or to contribute to the immense suffering of hens in factory farms for the sake of a good sponge cake. Check out these 12 vegan egg substitutions that are guaranteed not to crack.

12 Ways to Still Eat Eggs as a Vegan

1. The Vegg

This product is a 100% plant-based replacement for egg yolk that uses only natural ingredients. No need to separate the whites from the yolks (and get your hands all gooey in the process).

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2. Scrambled ‘Eggs’

Tofu Scramble

Lazy Sundays are for sleeping in and brunching on scrambled eggs on toast with hash browns and grilled tomatoes. However, eating vegan doesn’t mean giving up scrambled eggs – this easy tofu scramble recipe will be your new go-to for breakfast, brunch, and even breakfast-for-dinner.

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3. VeganEgg by Follow Your Heart

Not too keen on cooking? The Follow Your Heart VeganEgg only requires you to add water and stir. Scramble it up on the stovetop and presto – you have nearly instant plant-based scrambled eggs. Season to taste and stuff it into a giant breakfast burrito for a quick meal on the go.

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4. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs

Craving a classic deviled egg? Roast up some russet potatoes and stuff them with this creamy hummus mixture for the perfect plant-based appetizer.

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5. Vegan Easy Egg by Orgran

This revolutionary product is not only vegan but gluten-free, yeast-free, nut-free and GMO-free. There’s also zero cholesterol, heaps of fiber, high amounts of protein and low amounts of fat. Try swapping it in for chicken eggs the next time you make pancakes for the fluffiest flapjacks ever.

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6. Healthy Eggless Omelet

This vegan omelet has fewer calories and no cholesterol when compared to that of a traditional egg omelet. Why not try it for your next healthy breakfast?

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7. Ener-G Egg Replacer

This gluten-free, vegan egg substitute makes vegan baking a breeze. Get (un)cracking with your next cake!

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8. Egg-Free Egg Salad

Egg salad is one of those many foods that taste better when veganized. This light and lemony tofu egg salad is perfect for stuffing into pita pockets for a picnic or topping a big bowl of fresh romaine.

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9. Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer

Have a cherished family recipe you want to veganize? Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer is perfect for baked goods, so you can enjoy your grandma’s fudgy brownies or your uncle’s famous waffles while adhering to a plant-based diet.

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10. Vegan Quiche


This sundried tomato, spinach, and mushroom quiche will transport your taste buds to a little patio at a Parisian cafe. C’est bon!

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11. The Neat Egg

Trying to make a veggie burger that won’t fall apart? The Neat Egg acts as the perfect binder to ensure your burgers are “meaty,” not mushy. Like many, this egg replacer uses simple, natural ingredients – none of which contain animal products, gluten, soy or GMOs.

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12. French Toast

This recipe makes French toast so soft, warm and ‘eggy’ flavored, no one will miss the actual egg. The author creatively uses chickpea flour to for an egg-free custard batter which replicates the taste and texture of an egg-based custard perfectly. The toast is great on its own, but a drizzle of maple syrup and a generous dusting of powdered sugar never hurts.

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