13 Not-to-Miss Vegan Festivals Around the World

Festival Roundup

Vegan festivals are for everyone. No matter your age, ethnicity, or dietary preference, everyone is genuinely welcome. Festivals are high-energy events full of great music, fun-loving people, and of course,  delicious vegan food. As the plant-based movement draws increasing interest around the world, vegan festivals and fairs are also becoming more popular. We’ve scanned the globe for this year’s not-to-miss vegan festivals, so you can find an event near you and join the plant-based party.

13 Not-to-Miss Vegan Festivals Around the World

1. Black VegFest

This new festival is set to hold its premier event on August 11 in Brooklyn, N.Y. Like any vegfest, this event welcomes all guests.

“Our ‘Black’ in Black VegFest is purposeful, but not a different kind of veganism. It’s an extension of community activism for black and poor and oppressed peoples everywhere,” the event’s website explains“Intersectionality is addressing those causes and issues we have in common and are most passionate about. Like specieism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, ageism, etc. Be and come as you are. All are welcome at the Black Vegfest.”

Find the festival here.

2. Vegandale Food Drink Festival

This traveling event is touring in Toronto, Chicago, Texas, and New York City. Organizers expect this festival to draw in over 75,000 attendees across these four events.

Originating from Toronto’s very own vegan village, the festival’s website reads: “[o]ur downtown Toronto urban playground for the vegan and vegan-curious exists to bring the best of the vegan world together to exhibit the ease and enjoyment of living without the use of animals. But we can’t contain that to one city block, so we’re packing up and taking over the world!”

Find the festival here.

3. Eat Drink Vegan

This buzzing festival has come a long way since its inaugural event in 2009. First a crude amalgamation of various vegan vendors in The Roxy Theater parking lot, this event is now known as “Vegan Coachella.”

Over one hundred vendors are included in this year’s line up, in addition to over two hundred and fifty beverage companies sampling complimentary cold brews, kombucha, wine, and beer. The event has significantly evolved from its parking lot roots. It is now held at the Rose Bowl Stadium, and its vendors travel not only from the west side of LA but from across the country and even across the pond. Vegan eateries such as Temple of Seitan, The Vurger Co., and Jake’s Vegan Meats are just a handful of the British food companies making their US debut on May 26.

Find the festival here.

4. Phoenix Vegan Food Festival

PHX Vegan

At this year’s event in February, attendees were treated to a day of vegan food, entertainment, and shopping, from one hundred vegan-friendly vendors. Twenty live performances and many cooking demonstrations were also provided for guests.

With street food staples, bakeries, juice and coffee companies, there was nothing left to yearn for. Onwards and upwards for this booming vegan festival in Phoenix! Missed the event? Check out the website for news of next year’s festival.

Find the festival here.

5. V313

Detroit welcomed a brand new vegan festival earlier this year. V313 was headlined by Dr. Milton Rene Mills of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who was joined by many other figureheads known for their efforts in plant-based nutrition education.

This debut vegfest included live music, guest speakers, plenty of shops and vegan food stalls, as well as a vegan speed dating activity. The festival, hosted by the Michigan Green Team, was described as “Detroit’s premier celebration of vegan food and fun.” Don’t miss next year’s event!

Find the festival here.

6. Vegan Foodie Festival

The annual Vegan Foodie Festivals are held in Dublin and Amsterdam. The events encourage the public to expand their culinary palate and try vegan foods in an effort to banish the stigma often associated with veganism. Although the Dublin festival has passed (it was held from January 19-21), the Amsterdam event is still gearing up for the four-day celebration between May 23-27.

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7. Vevolution

A vegan revolution is coming. In fact, this UK vegfest argues that it is already in motion. Vevolution’s co-founder stated: “[W]e believe Vevolution is becoming an intersection point for all types of people who want to be part of constructing a better future.” The October 2017 event sold out one month prior to the event date, and according to a survey, 30% of guests did not even identify as vegan. Don’t miss this year’s event this fall. Check the event website below for dates.

Find the festival here.

8. Circle V

When Moby throws a vegan party, you know it’s going to be good. The vegan advocate and famous electronic musician partnered with Mercy for Animals to create the world’s first vegan music and food festival back in 2016, and the event has been a success ever since. Circle V is traditionally held in November. Visit the event’s website during late summer to find out when the 2018 festival will be held, and get your tickets early – it sells out quick!

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9. Manchester’s Northern Vegan Festival

Researchers to Study Health Benefits of Veganizing  African American Soul Food

This vegan festival is run by passionate volunteers on a mission to promote the vegan movement through food. The event just passed. On April 7, over 200 vegan vendors catered to a mass of festival-goers. All proceeds from the festival tickets were donated to animal welfare organizations. Don’t miss this event next year!

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10. VegFest UK

The Love Vegfest hosts various vegan festivals throughout the UK. Regular annual events are scheduled year-round in Bristol, London, and Brighton; however, in October of 2017, the organizers took on the UK’s first-ever vegan trade and media show. The event invited over 2,000 media and trade representatives to showcase “all the cutting edge vegan products coming onto the market.” Although dates for next year have not yet been released, Bristol locals can look forward to the Bristol festival coming up on May 26.

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11. Vegan Street Fair

LA's Vegan Street Fair Set to Return for Record-Breaking Spring Event

Not to be confused with LA’s Eat Drink Vegan Festival, the LA Vegan Street Fair is the largest single-day vegan event in the world. The founder, Jessica Schoech, initiated this event so people could “eat all the vegan things” in one location. Due to the success of this event in LA, Schoech has expanded the festival to San Diego, which is scheduled for May 12.

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12. Noosa Vegan Festival

To date, Australia boasts the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world. With so many Aussies on the hunt for plant-based options, vegfests are in high demand. Organizers describe the event as an opportunity to “showcase the diversity of the vegan lifestyle with a wide variety of different stalls, speakers, celebrity guests, and of course an abundant selection of delicious food. This unique day is a fun event displaying the latest vegan products, particularly highlighting the number of plant-based companies in our area, while creating a community atmosphere through music, entertainment, and kids’ activities.” Mark your calendar for April 21.

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13. Vegan Gourmet Festival

Japan Veg Fest

Vegans in Japan eat so much more than plant-based sushi and seaweed salads. The Vegan Gourmet Festival hosts vegfests throughout the year to celebrate the delicious variety of vegan food. In March, the company hosted a Vegan Cheese Fair, serving cheese pizza, raw vegan cheesecake, and even cheese waffles. Upcoming events will be held on April 22 in Tokyo, May 13 in Nagoya, and late 2018 in Kyoto. Book your plane ticket now!

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