13 Vegan Pancake Recipes You Need to Kickstart Your Shrove Tuesday

Happy ‘Shrove Tuesday‘, or Pancake Day! People in many countries across the globe are set to celebrate with a floury feast and high pancake stacks – vegans are, of course, no exception.

But how can pancakes be made without milk, eggs, milk, and butter – you might be wondering? Don’t worry, vegans have an alternative for everything. So, get out your favorite pan and fry those vegan cakes!

13 Vegan Pancakes You Need to Kickstart Your Shrove Tuesday

Oreo Cookie Pancakes

Pancakes that look and taste like oreos! These are kid-friendly, super cute, and perfect for Tumblr.

Get the recipe here.

Fluffy American Style

vegan pancakes and fruit

Foolproof, delicious, perfect for guests or a tasty hangover feed.

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Rainbow Stack

Possibly one of the most flavorsome ‘2018’ ways to eat pancakes.

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Lemon, Blueberry and ‘Ricotta’

We’ll take 10, please.

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Eggnog with Rum Maple Syrup

A brilliantly boozy meal you can eat time and time again (just maybe not every day).

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Black Forest

These pancakes of joy are even refined sugar-free, so there are fewer feelings of guilt for downing the whole stack in two minutes flat!

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Double Chocolate

Don’t say anything, just savor the sweet goodness these are.

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Super Simple

Back to basics is a strangely rewarding taste.

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Gluten-Free Buckwheat

Yep, gluten-free vegans don’t have to miss out on a great stack of pancakes.

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Sweet Potato with Ginger Caramel Gravy

For those days when you need a healthier sweet treat.

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With no sugar, oil, or animal products – these pancakes are extra healthy.

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Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

If you can’t decide between grabbing a chocolate bar for brekkie, or having ‘overnight oats‘ – compromise with this!

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Cinnamon Roll

No time to prepare cinnamon rolls for the next morning? Try these.

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