15 Vegan Food, Fashion, and Fitness Blogs to Level Up Your Life

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Need a bit more vegan inspiration? Whether you’re looking to spice it up in the kitchen or recommit to a healthier lifestyle, these vegan bloggers can be a great resource. However, with so many blogs out there, how to decide which ones to trust? We’ve narrowed down the list to 15 must follow bloggers for reliable information and fool-proof recipes provided through a fun, accessible, and engaging platform.  

15 Vegan Food, Fashion, and Fitness Blogs to Level Up Your Life

1. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist baker

As the name suggests, this food blog is all about keeping it simple. Blogger Dana Shultz provides both savory and sweet recipes for every meal of the day (including dessert), adhering to simple ingredients and/or minimal prep time. Generally, ingredients are limited to ten items or less, and many of her meals can be made in 30 minutes. Follow Shultz for easy recipes that deliver incredible results. 

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2. Oh She Glows

OhSheGlows Food

Author Angela Liddon created Oh She Glows in 2008, sharing her healthy vegan recipes, homemade energy bars, and “green monsters,” (green smoothies). The blog has blossomed into an empire. Liddon has written two successful cookbooks based on her award-winning blog, and she continues to post regular recipes on the site. Her creations are accessible and familiar, perfect for health advocates, parents, and picky eaters alike.

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3. EcoVegan Gal


For those who became vegan for environmental reasons, EcoVegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen can help you live a greener, cruelty-free life. The blog offers practical tips and guides in a wide array of lifestyle areas, such as cooking, wellness, relationships, beauty, fashion, travel, and more. Lauritsen focuses on whole foods and basic steps to reduce one’s carbon footprint and live a healthier, happier, more sustainable life. Although she has slowed down on posts, the website is still a terrific resource for all things eco-friendly. 

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4. Black Vegans Rock

Black Vegans Rock

Anyone can be vegan, but sometimes the lifestyle is stereotyped as a “white thing.” Blogger Aph Ko breaks this stigma by featuring incredible individuals who are black and vegan. From fellow bloggers, radio hosts, health practitioners, and authors, Black Vegans Rock proves that the compassionate lifestyle is for everyone. 

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5. Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa

Want to spice things up? Follow Richa Hingle’s blog for a plethora of authentic vegan Indian dishes, multicultural fusion foods, and amazing baked goods. From traditional Saag Aloo to not-so-traditional Ethiopian Berbere Chickpea Pizza, Hingle has mastered the art of blending adventurous recipes with comforting classics. 

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6. Isa Chandra

Isa Pot Pie

Formerly Post-Punk Kitchen, the newly designed Isa Chandra blog is packed with craveable vegan recipes that will delight any palate. Creator Isa Chandra Moskowitz is also the author of nine plant-based cookbooks, including her most recent The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook. Moskowitz has been writing since 2005, so not only does she have the experience in the kitchen, she’s also built up an impressive library of stunning vegan dishes. 

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7. Plant Positive Running

Plant Positive Running

It’s not just about running and vegan food. It’s about being a complete vegan. Plant Positive Running was created to inspire people to follow their passions, and also to eat more plants. Ultramarathoners Katie and Gwen offer advice on running techniques, runner-approved recipes, nutrition, and lifestyle. Follow their blog posts and videos and be inspired to tackle a 100-miler. 

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8. Vegan Yack Attack


Blogger and cookbook author Jackie Sobon aims to please everyone by featuring fun spins on everyday classics. Think White Bean Beer Fondue, Fluffy Mocha Pancakes, and a whole lot of Mac and Cheese variations. Those transitioning to veganism will find familiar tastes and comfort in Sobon’s outstanding dishes.

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9. Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen

Parental advisory: this blog contains explicit language. It also contains no-frills, downright delicious vegan food that is easy to prepare. Bloggers and bestselling authors Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis serve up unpretentious plant-based recipes with big flavor and an even bigger mouth.

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10. No Meat Athlete

No Meat

Originally a running-focused blog, creator Matt Frazier has expanded his content to include recipes, nutrition suggestions, and goal-setting tips for every athlete looking to level up. From long-form blog posts to helpful guides such as The Perfect Smoothie Formula, this blog is perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness. For more, check out the No Meat Athlete Podcast, or one of the brand’s cookbooks and racing guides

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11. Rich Roll

rich roll

Rich Roll may be known for his podcast bestselling books, but he also regularly posts on his blog. For a more in-depth look into the current life of Roll, check out his blog and be re-inspired to take your athletic performance and wellness journey to the next level. 

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12. One Arab Vegan

Arab Vegan

Egyptian blogger Nada created her platform to share her veganized versions of traditional Middle Eastern dishes, as well as to comment on the complexities of being vegan within a culture that does not typically recognize this lifestyle. Find comfort in the support of a fellow vegan, as well as in her simple yet flavorful food.

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13. Wanderlust Vegans


Got a travel bug? Before you book your flight or pack your backpack, scroll through this blog for travel inspiration as well as helpful tips on traveling as a vegan. This resource guide is extensive, offering detailed information for destinations around the world. Learn how to travel on a budget and find the best vegan eats with Wanderlust Vegans. 

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14. The Green Plate

The Green Plate

Mercy For Animals is best known for its farm animal advocacy. In addition to its groundbreaking undercover investigations, it also offers a program to help people transition to a vegan diet. The Green Plate offers helpful tips to guide one along during their transition. From recipes to shopping tips, to social outings, this blog is a one-stop-shop for anyone curious about trying the vegan diet. 

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15. Earth by Anna

Earth by Anna

For all your pressing vegan beauty and fashion questions, refer to Anna Weatherlake’s eco-friendly, fashion-forward wellness blog. From product reviews to the latest in sustainable fashion trends, Weatherlake is an expert in the field.

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