15 Vegan Saag Aloo Curry Recipes to Spice Up Your Dinner

15 Vegan Saag Aloo Curry Recipes to Spice Up Your Dinner

Saag aloo is a spinach and potato curry dish eaten in India with bread or rice. It can have goat or lamb meat added, although it’s more frequently made with a butter or cream-laden base. Paying homage to the spices that distinguish it from other dishes, many vegan sag aloo curry recipes have been created and mastered.

15 Vegan Saag Aloo Curry Recipes to Spice Up Your Dinner

Venture into the wide and wonderful world of vegan curry by trying these saag aloo recipes.

Making this curry wastes no time. | Co-Op

1. Quick Saag Aloo Curry

Have you tried cashew nuts in curry? They change the game. Oh, and they’re full of protein.

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Potatoes and spinach for the win. | A. Vogel

2. Gluten-Free Spinach and Potato Curry

This dish pairs perfectly with mango chutney and poppadom—a thin, crispy flatbread made from black gram flour.

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A new take on saag aloo. | Vegan Richa

3. Instant Pot Saag Aloo – Sweet Potatoes and Chard Curry

The joy about this recipe, aside from its delightful taste, is how easy it is to make. Put everything in an Instant Pot in the morning then come home to a warm cooked dinner at night.

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Easy and delicious, thanks to a pressure cooker. | Simply Vegetarian

4. Saag Aloo Instant Pot Easy Recipe

The mustard leaves add a unique, bold undertone to an otherwise flavorful Instant Pot dish.

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You’ll look forward to eating your greens. | Cooking Veggielicious

5. Potato and Spinach Curry

The peeled ginger ties all of the flavors together, keeping you coming back for seconds.

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Potatoes are impossible to get bored of. | Vegan Recipe Club UK

6. Dry Potato and Spinach Curry

A comforting curry at its finest that will make you look forward to eating your daily greens.

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Serve these patties with dairy-free raita. | Cauldron Foods

7. Saag Aloo Tofu Cakes

Don’t feel like a conventional curry but still want to enjoy the flavors of saag aloo? No problem.

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Put your slow cooker to good use. | Happy Veggie Kitchen

8. Slow Cooker Saag Aloo

This dish is healthy and economical, perfect for feeding the whole family.

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Serve with plenty of coriander and lime. | Cook With Manali

9. Instant Pot Aloo Saag

Love an easy recipe with a dash of coriander? We’ve got you covered.

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This recipe goes heavy on potatoes in a good way. | Saffron Trail

10. Easy Vegan Potato and Greens Dry Curry

Get your favorite roti out, the flavors of this recipe demands one.

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Sweet potatoes make everything better. | Hairy Bikers

11. Sweet Potato Saag Aloo

Sweet potato counts towards your five a day. If that’s not an excuse to eat curry every day, we don’t know what is.

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Healthy and simple. | Greedy Gourmet

12. Saag Aloo

Sophisticated? Tick! Bursting with authentic, Indian flavor? Tick!

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Have your flatbread ready. | The Pretty Bee

13. Saag Aloo Palak

This recipe veers into the runnier side of curries, which makes it ideal to eat with bread. Try roti or naan.

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This recipe cuts back on the oil. | Oh Deardrea

14. Low-Fat Vegan Saag Aloo

Low-fat curry is comfort food marrying a healthy eating regime.

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vegan saag aloo curry recipes
Saag aloo meets chickpea curry.

15. Chana Saag Aloo

Chickpea curry meets spinach and potato curry. The combined version is off the charts.

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