17 Essential Vegan and Eco-Friendly School Supplies to Save the Planet This Semester

We’ve all been here – the last in line at the office supplies store after the first day of school, staring down a queue that seems to extend for miles. You could use this time to tackle that homework assign, but the line isn’t moving. Prep ahead and praise online shopping. Not only will you miss the queue, but online retailers offer more selection, so you can choose items that will help you ace that test and do good for the planet. Vegan, plastic-free, sustainable, reusable, and eco-friendly school supplies are a growing market, and there are tons of cool items to choose from to check off every box on that back-to-school shopping list. Be sure to add these 17 supplies and you’ll be set for a stellar year.

17 Essential Vegan and Eco-Friendly School Supplies

1. Under the Sea Decomposition Book

composition notebook recyled

Standard composition books are so dull. Spark those creative juices with this eco-friendly version, which is printed with soy ink. Of course, if you choose not to hold on to your ideas, the book can be recycled.

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2. Biodegradable Pens

onyx green pens biodegradable

Even though these pens are made with corn, please don’t be tempted to chew on them. They’re biodegradable, not edible. Of course, for the pen-chewer that can’t resist, they are sure to be safer than gnawing on traditional plastic pen tips.

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3. Vegan Messenger Bag

vegan messenger bag grey

The ultimate book bag test: is it big enough to hold a laptop? In regards to this bag, the answer is yes! Because no one wants to be burdened with a bag and a laptop.

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4. Vegan Camel Leather Pencil Case

vegan camel leather pencil case

Store your colored pencils for you adult coloring book in a sophisticated case.

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5. Wood Grain Printed Journal

Sustainable Vegan School Supplies

Not only is it pretty, these journals were created by women artisans in India who transformed cotton, paper, and other discarded items into practical works of art. Take positive action for both people and the environment just by taking notes.

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6. Corn Plastic Calculator

corn-based plastic-free calculator

Calculate how much good you’ll be doing the planet with this corn plastic calculator!

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7. Wood Ink Pen

Sustainable Vegan School Supplies

Need a fancy pen? Forgo the plastic and metal varieties for this refillable olive wood pen, handcrafted in Kenya. It also comes in multiple colors, so you can have a different pen every day of the week.

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8. Bamboo Dry Erase Board

bamboo dry erase board

The best ideas are often drafted on dry erase boards. Let your mind go!

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9. Halova Pen Holder

elephant pencil holder

It’s a pencil/pen holder, a phone stand, and an elephant in one! Talk about being adorable and functional.

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10. Plus Paper Clinch (Waste-Free Stapler)

staple-less stapler

This cool gadget uses pressure to adhere documents together, so you’ll never get a staple jam (or run out of staples) again!

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11. Seven Year Pen

bee happy seven year pen

The U.S. alone discards about 1.6 billion disposable pens every year. Not this one. The company claims this pen can write writes 1.7 meters a day for seven years before running out of ink. Keep writing!

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12. Stainless Steel Bento Lunchbox

Sustainable School Supplies

Never face the school cafeteria again by bringing your lunch in a bento box. These lunch boxes are leak-proof and include two compartments so picky eaters can ensure their food “doesn’t touch.”

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13. Bamboo 12-Inch Ruler

bamboo ruler onyx green

Plastic rulers are notoriously snap-able. Quit buying a new one every week by choosing this handy bamboo ruler.

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14. Beeswax-Free Reusable Food Wraps

sustainable school supplies

Ditch the cling wrap that sticks to everything but the thing you want it to and try out these allergen-friendly reusable wraps. Take virtually any food to go, then simply wash the wrap to use the next day.

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15. The Flow Stainless Steel Water Bottle

the flow drink bottle

Every kid may not know it but a double walled, vacuum insulated, BPA and toxin-free, wide-mouthed drink bottle with a straw lid, carabiner lid, and flip lid is truly the coolest thing to have in the bag. Skip the single-use plastic water bottles and straws, and take this with you everywhere you go!

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16. Vegan Leather Laptop Case

vegan leather laptop case

It doesn’t matter what model of laptop you carry, what’s important for the health of animals and the earth is carrying and protecting your device kindly. Vegan leather is the stylish way to go, and this burgundy red bag says “I’m a professional.” Even if you’re faking it until you make it.

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17. Vegan Acrylic Paint Set

acrylic paint set

Express your creativity and unleash your inner Picasso, or Bansky, without the gelatin and crushed beetle-laced paints. The fur-free brushes are pretty rad, too.

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