17,000 Brits Are Now Waitlisted for Milk’s Vegan Makeup

17,000 Brits Are Now Waitlisted for Milk's Vegan Makeup

New York vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand Milk Makeup just launched on Cult Beauty, a UK-based online store dedicated to high-quality cult beauty products. Milk has managed to achieve a 17,000 waiting list for its products, which is the biggest in Cult Beauty’s history, The Telegraph reports.

To earn a place on the Cult Beauty site, a product must “exceed all our expectations (and often shift the goalposts altogether),” Cult Beauty writes online.

It’s the unique, game-changing nature of Milk that brought 4,500 fans to its recent pop-up in London’s Convent Garden, desperate for a sneak preview at the brand’s products that are free from parabens, phthalates, and animal ingredients.

In March 2018, Milk announced it would make all of its products vegan. Many of the brand’s items were vegan-friendly and the company never tested on animals, however, some of its products contained animal by-products. Milk co-founder Dianna Ruth admitted that “using animal byproducts is an unnecessary practice.” 

“As pretty much anyone can attest to, veganism is the new focus in beauty … we make our products vegan because it’s a no-brainer: they’re friendlier to the earth; they’re friendlier to your skin, and they offer major payoff without any compromise,” Milk writes on its website.


Vegan roll-on face mask sticks and caffeine-infused, de-puffing gel eye patches are among Milk’s offerings, as well as a vegan lipstick range made in collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan.

The brand is also experimenting with products in the newly popular CBD cosmetics market, launching hemp-derived cannabis oil-infused products including brow gel and mascara; the latter is one of Milk’s most popular items.

Speaking to The Telegraph, co-founder Zana Roberts Rassi said, “Kush mascara is our number one best-seller and the first mascara to use hemp derived cannabis oil. Being 100% vegan, we don’t use beeswax as a binding agent, therefore cannabis oil is the best alternative as it not only helps the mascara to go on smoothly, giving the desired tug-free application, it also nourishes lashes.” 

Consumers are looking toward cruelty-free living more than ever. The UK’s second-largest health and beauty retailer Superdrug reported a 750 percent increase in sales of vegan beauty products this January, due to the success of Veganuary.