19 Vegan Beauty Products to Revive Your Skin After a Harsh Winter

Winter is a tough season on the skin, the low humidity and cold temperatures dry you out, while sharp winds strip moisture from anything you aren’t able to cover (i.e., your face). Skin can become rough, turn red, get tight, and start cracking and peeling because of the overwhelming dryness. It’s arguably more important in winter than any other season to make sure you’re taking care of your skin. However, we sometimes get busy and don’t stay as consistent we like with our self-care. It happens to the best of us.

If you haven’t taken care of yourself this winter, it’s not too late to start. Below are 19 vegan products that will help restore your skin after this bitter season.

19 Vegan Beauty Products to Revive Your Skin After a Harsh Winter


King of Skin Body Butter, Lush ($15.95)

Meet King of Skin, a buttery in-shower moisturizing bar that will return life and hydration to dry winter skin. With ingredients like mashed bananas, avocados, coconut oil, shea butter, oat milk, and lavender oil, this is a product truly made for royalty.


Butterball Bath Bomb, Lush ($4.95)

If you prefer a bath, but still want to help your skin, go with the Butterball Bath Bomb. The vanilla scent will help you relax while the creamy, buttery froth of the bath bomb softens your skin with Lush’s fair trade organic cocoa butter.

Aqua Marina Facial Cleanser and Body Cleanser, Lush ($12.95 – $31.95)

Cleaning your face and body with harsh cleansers after a hard winter is not going to do your skin any favors. In fact, it can leave your skin dryer than ever before. However, the Aqua Marina Cleanser is made to help calm irritated and sensitive skin. With cooling aloe vera, pink calamine powder, mineral-rich nori seaweed, and a pinch of sea salt (for gentle exfoliation), this cleanser is one you can feel happy using.

Lavender L-O-C Set, Kyra’s Shea Medleys ($44.99 – $69.99)

The Lavender L-O-C (Liquid-Oil-Cream) Set by Kyra’s Shea Medleys is a triple threat of healing skincare. The set comes with their Lavender Floral Water, Growth + Restore Butter Cream, Lavender & Rosehip Oil Medley, and Lavender & Rosehip 3-in-1 Scrub. They only use the best certified-organic and natural ingredients in their products. Their products are made to moisturize, hydrate, smooth, soften, shine, restore, and heal.

Milky Jelly Cleanser, Glossier ($18)

Here’s another cleanser that won’t dry your skin out with harsh ingredients. This ultimate daily face wash is strong enough to dissolve away makeup and grime but also pH-balanced and made with a blend of five skin conditioners, leaving skin feeling healthy and soft (never tight). It’s also safe to use around the eyes, which is a bonus for anyone who might want to use it to help clean off stubborn eye makeup.

Super Bounce, Glossier ($28)

This face serum is here to heal your skin. The hyaluronic acid will visibly plump your skin up with an abundance of moisture and the Vitamin B5 restores elasticity for the good kind of bounce in the skin. This serum is perfect for skin that has been depleted through harsh conditions like bitter days, hangovers, long layovers, or high heat. Best of all it won’t leave your skin feeling sticky after you use it.

Soothing Face Mist, Glossier ($18)

This face mist is the perfect pick-me-up after coming in from the cold. The roses make it smell beautiful while the aloe hydrates and soothes. Be sure to give yourself a quick midday spray. Your skin will thank you.

Restorative Sea Culture Hydrating Toner, 100 Percent Pure ($39)

Don’t forget about toner! A skincare routine isn’t complete without one. The Restorative Sea Culture Hydrating Toner from 100 Percent Pure will soften, plump, and hydrate your skin — which could probably use some refreshment after all those cold days.

Restorative Sea Hydrate Serum, 100 Percent Pure ($55)

Serums are strong little products. This serum is ultra light and silky smooth. It will give your exhausted skin everything it needs to regain a youthful glow and complexion. This product really packs a punch.

Restorative Sea Culture Extra Riche Créme, 100 Percent Pure ($49)

If you’re looking to deliver deep moisture to your skin, look no further. This restorative créme is full of nutrient-rich sea minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins. With the added bonus of skin-plumping seaweed, your skin will feel loved and nourished after use.

Coconut Oil Moisturize Cleansing Milk, 100 Percent Pure ($29)

Few things are as good for the skin as coconut milk. This cleanser is full of coconut milk goodness as well as skin moisturizing coconut oil, and hydrating coconut water. If you love coconut, this cleanser is for you. If you love cleansers strong enough to wash away makeup and other impurities without leaving your skin stripped and dry, this is for you too.

Acai Pulp Facial Scrub, 100 Percent Pure ($35)

This facial scrub will bring your skin back to life. With crushed organic acai berries, essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin A and C, this product will dig deep into your skin giving you a healthy and radiant complexion. Wipe away the dead, old skin and reveal the healthier skin just waiting to break free.

Green Tea Water Bomb Mask, 100 Percent Pure ($7)

Green tea is good to drink and good to put on your face. Give your face a drink of something good with Green Tea Water Bomb Mask. The Green Tea concentrate is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The mask is made of a “hydrogel” material, composed from 95 percent organic aloe water and 5 percent plant cellulose. The longer you leave the mask on your face, the thinner it gets, as your skin will continually absorb the water.

Hydrating Day Cream, Earth Science ($24.99)

This facial moisturizer is perfect for dry skin and with anti-ageing benefits, it’s doubly worth buying. The formula contains healthy goodies like ginseng extract, vitamin A, and vitamin C. After you’re done applying the day cream, you’ll be left with a dewy, luminous finish.

Ultra Moisturizing Cream, Ceramedx ($17.95)

Winter dries your skin like few things can. The Ultra Moisturizing Cream by Ceramedx is here to help counter that. Studies show that dry and damaged skin can often be linked to the skin’s ceramide level. The Ceramedx brand was developed to deliver ceramide-therapy to the skin using all plant based ingredients as opposed to animal-based ones. Needless to say, this product is going to dig deep into your skin and provide the moisture you need.

Hydration Vaccine, DECIEM ($55)

This skin supplement is a hydration seal for your skin that will help protect against the loss of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF). In short, this product protects against water loss to help your skin maintain moisture, as opposed to just consistently supplementing it. Apply this after you use your serum but before you use any other creams and/or sunscreen.

LATHER, CLEANSE, REPEAT Oil Cleanser and Shaving Cream, PLANT Apothecary ($18)

The LATHER, CLEANSE, REPEAT Oil Cleanser and Shaving Cream is a multi-purpose product with a lot to offer. With the moisturizing benefits of avocado oil and the super-powered organic sea buckthorn oil, this product not only gets the job done but promises never to leave your skin dryer after use (which is hugely important after the winter season).

RE:FRESH Organic Toning Face Mist, PLANT Apothecary ($12)

This toning mist will hydrate and nourish your skin with ingredients like soothing cucumber, rosewater, and aloe vera, witch hazel, and antibacterial lemongrass. This toner is best used in between cleansing and moisturizing.

RICE AND CLEAN Gentle Facial Cleanser, PLANT Apothecary ($24)

This cleanser is called “Japan’s secret to smooth, soft, clear skin.” It’s made with rice bran, which will give you smooth, soft, and clear skin. The RICE AND CLEAN cleanser also contains gamma oryzanol, which has been shown in studies to protect skin from UV light damage.