£20 Vegan Valentine’s Dinner Is Coming to M&S

£20 Vegan Valentine's Dinner Is Coming to M&S

UK retailer Marks & Spencer, also known as M&S, is introducing its first-ever vegan Valentine’s dinner, according to Marie Claire.

M&S updated its usual £12 dine-in deal in honour of the fast-approaching, loved-up occasion. For £20, shoppers can purchase a starter, main, side, dessert, chocolate, and a bottle of wine. The budget-friendly meal deal can save shoppers up to £19.30.

M&S has previously focused on meat- and cheese-heavy dishes for its Valentine’s Day deal. This year, it’s offering vegan options in every category.

For starters, love birds or those flying solo can enjoy vegan sweet potato falafels. Roasted mushroom stroganoff is available for a main meal, complemented by a choice of three plant-based sides – tender stem asparagus spears, chantenay carrot and parsnips, or frites.

To finish off the meal, strawberries in a heart-shaped punnet and a selection of white, red, or rose wine or a non-alcoholic beverage. There are also dark chocolate hearts, though it’s not clear whether these are animal-free (if they aren’t, you could always pick up some vegan chocolate anyway).

On top of the deal, M&S just launched a new cocktail for Valentine’s Day. Called “Be My Valentini,” the ruby red drink is made with premium quality white rum, cranberry juice, lime juice, and orange peel and is best served over ice. “It’s all about staying in this Valentine’s day and we were determined to bring the romance of cocktails at the bar to the comfort of your own home,” Jenny Rea, M&S’ drink developer, said in a statement.

“It’s a zesty mix of orange, cranberry and lime perfectly matched to the smooth finish of rum – it’s the perfect cocktail to start the evening without the hassle,” Rea said about the drink, which costs £10.

M&S isn’t the only company getting vegan for Valentine’s Day. Cruelty-free beauty brand Lush launched a V-Day-inspired range of vegan emoji bath bombs. The new products include a “steamy” aubergine emoji bath bomb as well as a “cheeky” peach emoji bath bomb.

Even vegan-friendly brand Oreo is getting involved, launching pink cookies called “Love, Oreo” that have sweet sayings printed on them.

M&S’ Valentine’s Day deal is available from February 12 to 16.

Image Credit: Marks & Spencer