3 Vegan Raw Cookie Dough Flavors Now At Whole Foods Counters

Costco Has That 3lb Tub of Vegan Cookie Dough You've Been Looking For

Get yourself to Whole Foods, because some stores now offer mix-and-match vegan cookie dough options.

A member of the Facebook group Las Vegas Vegans shared the game-changing find last week. The store features a counter that channels the vibe of an ice cream shop, where customers can pick from an array of cookie dough flavors — the sign reads that a box of six costs $4.99.

Vegan cookie dough options at the counter include classic chocolate chip, ginger, and German chocolate. The dough comes divided into discs, so you can just pop them into the oven and revel in the scent of fresh-baked vegan cookies. Or, you can eat them raw — they are egg-free, after all.

Vegan Cookie Dough Attack

3 Vegan Raw Cookie Dough Flavors Now At Whole Foods Counters
Vegan cookie dough is now available at Whole Foods Market counters.

Since the group where the vegan cookie dough is local to Las Vegas, then it’s probably best to call ahead before making the trip to the nearest Whole Foods. Most Whole Foods locations also carry the same cookie flavors, only already baked, in the bakery section — along with some other options, like muffins.

You can find other options outside of the cookie dough counter. Whole Foods locations carry vegan cookie dough by EatPastry, which comes in regular or gluten-free chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip. It can be baked or eaten raw.

Other brands that make vegan cookie dough include Cappello’s, which makes soy-free paleo vegan cookie dough from almond flour — it comes in chocolate chip or double chocolate.

The brand Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough is also grain-free and made with almond flour. The three varieties — chocolate chip, oatmeal, and hot chocolate chip can be baked or enjoyed by the spoonful. “We want to make it easier for health-conscious consumers to enjoy raw cookie dough and cookies guilt-free,” founder Sara Sims said in a statement. “We are committed to providing hazard-free, clean, plant-based cookie dough that satisfies any sweet craving.”

If all else fails, there’s vegan cookie dough ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s carries vegan cookie dough ice cream and earlier this year, launched cookie dough bites specifically for snacking on.