36% of Londoners Are Swapping Out Meat for Plants

36% of Londoners Are Swapping Out Meat for Plants

Thirty-six percent of Londoners are reducing their meat intake, according to a recent survey by lifestyle magazine, Time Out London.

“A vegan fish and chip shop, a totally vegan pub and a vegan fried chicken shop are just some of the trendy vegan joints that have popped up in London over recent years – and it seems demand really is growing,” Time Out notes. According to this year’s Time Out Index, “over a third of Londoners are eating more plant-based diets. The survey showed that 5 percent of Londoners are vegan, 11 percent of Londoners are vegetarian and 20 percent of Londoners are reducing meat. That’s 36 percent in all who have switched or are switching to consuming fewer animal products.”

Vegan By Age Group

Millennials and Gen Z in the UK are swapping meat for vegan options

According to the Index, younger Londoners aged 18-27 were nearly twice as likely to be vegetarian and three times as likely to be vegan compared with seniors over the age of 58.

The trend mirrors growing data from around the globe that show younger generations are more widely interested in diversifying their protein and dairy options, specifically by including vegan meat, milk, and egg products. They’re actively reducing animal products, particularly because of concern over the environment, their health, and increased awareness over unethical livestock treatment.

Vegan UK

Tescos vegan Wicked Kitchen range is among its best-sellers

London, in particular, is proving to be a vegan epicenter. The nation’s leading supermarket chains — Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose — all have extensive vegan offerings including own-brand product ranges as well as wide selections of leading vegan brands.

Restaurants in the UK continue to increase their vegan offerings, too. McDonald’s recently added vegan Happy Meals and sandwiches to UK menus. And after a successful trial during Veganuary – the monthlong campaign that encourages people to go vegan for January – Pizza Hut made vegan jackfruit pizza a permanent menu item in UK locations. The trial was so successful that the chain expanded its vegan offerings as well, including a three-course menu that, in addition to vegan pizza options, features baked ‘Jack ‘N’ Rolls‘ rolls filled with sweet chilli, BBQ jackfruit, and vegan cheese, and a vegan dessert option: Cinnamon Bites covered in cinnamon sugar and an icing drizzle.

Family-style restaurant chain Wetherspoons has also increased its vegan options, even adding vegan beers to its menu for the forthcoming Ale and Beer Fest in the UK.