4 Course Vegan Menus Arrive at Almost 200 UK Pubs

Vintage Inn Veg

Vintage Inns, an established pub chain throughout the UK, just introduced a vegan menu at all one hundred and eighty-nine locations. The company strives to provide a comforting atmosphere, and now all guests, no matter their dietary preferences, can feel welcome.

Before offering a dedicated vegan menu, the plant-based selections were slim. Meat-centric dishes dominated, as to be expected with traditional pub fare. Options included lamb, meat pies, and fish and chips, among other animal-based items.

Vintage Inn Tarte

The new vegan menu offers a far more expansive selection. Guests can choose from three starters, five mains, three sides, and four desserts (none of which are simply fresh fruit). The dishes celebrate vegetables, instead of relying on vegan meat alternatives. Sample entrees include a roasted aubergine (eggplant) roll with kale and cauliflower couscous salad, a roasted vegetable tart, and a coconut vegetable curry. On the sweet side, there is a treacle (molasses) and pecan tart with coconut milk sorbet and rose syrup, a rich chocolate tart, and a coconut pannacotta pudding.

Vintage Inns’ pubs exceed the culinary expectations of basic pub food, and the company has extended this high level of cuisine to its new vegan menu. No longer are vegans confined to “accidentally vegan” options such as greasy fries and plain iceberg lettuce salads.

Several independent pubs and franchises have already launched vegan menus to accommodate the mounting plant-based consumer requests. This is evident in gastropubs and breweries both in the US and UK. Golden Road Brewing, a southern California micro-chain, specifies vegan versions for nearly every item on its menu. In the UK, Unique Hospitality, another significant pub chain, has also incorporated several vegan items into its seasonally changing menus.

Vegan options have become so popular, certain pubs have completely transitioned to plant-based fare. From Beelman’s in Los Angeles to The Caledonia in Liverpool, decidedly vegan gastropubs are on the rise. Of course, although the menus may be vegan, these venues are for everyone to enjoy.

Image Credit: Vintage Inns.