Make a Double Batch of This 4-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Sauce

Make a Double Batch of This 4-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Sauce

Vegan chocolate sauce anyone? I don’t think I have ever heard a “no” to this one.

This dairy-free chocolate sauce is not just any chocolate sauce. It’s super healthy, delicious, and date-sweetened, and you will absolutely love it. Enjoy it as a dessert or even as lunch, dipping in your favorite, in-season fruits.

Plus, this vegan chocolate sauce contains only four ingredients, so it will only take you a few minutes to make!

Keep reading, and you’ll get even more motivation to make this plant-based chocolate sauce.

Before sharing the recipe with you, it’s important to discuss a topic often ignored in the plant-based community: sugar. Many vegan recipes use artificial sweeteners like maple syrup, coconut sugar, and even agave because sugar is often seen as healthier than animal fat and animal protein.

White sugar and maple syrup, along with all the other processed sweeteners mentioned above, do not contribute to health and have almost equal nutritional value.

Because there is only a limited amount of calories in a day, many doctors believe it’s very important to fill them with foods that provide your body with nutrition. White sugar, maple syrup, and coconut sugar are all empty calories.

While you don’t have to avoid these sweeteners all of the time, be sure to avoid them at least most of the time. Some follow a whole food, plant-based diet, which avoids processed sugars all of the time. I recommend keeping them out of your house so that it’s easier to skip them.

So what sweetener should you use when preparing this dairy-free chocolate sauce? Dates!

Dates not only contain nutrients – but they are also whole foods. This means they contain carbohydrates, protein, and fat in addition to many minerals and vitamins. Plus, they are delicious!

In a study where diabetic patients were fed dates, it was concluded that dates don’t result in a significant blood sugar spike –- and could even be very beneficial for diabetics.

Dates are not actually dried fruits, as they do contain quite a bit of water – when harvested, dates contain about 20 percent water. As they age, they do dry a bit. Store your dates in a cool, dry place to preserve their freshness.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:186]

This recipe was republished with permission from Soul In The Raw