4 New Must-Try Meatilicious Vegan Foods from Linda McCartney

Linda McCartney is a brand which produces an already delicious range of the ultimate comforting vegan, and vegetarian food products, mostly as processed meat alternatives. Existing meatilicious products include believable sausages, sausage rolls and country pies. A hit with kids, the perfect hangover fast-breaker (especially when paired with vegan mayo and dips!). Excuse the keyboard-drool, alike many comfort food-fanatics, the sound of this makes our stomachs rumble audibly.

If you are a virgin to Linda McCartney food, or long-time addict, you’ll be wanting to clear out your freezer, and make room to stock up on the latest range of Linda McCartney’s seasonal offerings. Not coincidently, this latest range is blessing your shelves just in time for Christmas Lunch planning, and the necessary meal testing.

What can be expected to fill your freezer, and fill your belly? This new range, which is available in supermarkets now only has product offerings which will make your shopping list start with ‘Linda’, and end with ‘McCartney’.

Linda McCartney’s New Vegan-Friendly Product Range

Vegetarian Cocktail Sausages

Missing cocktail sausages, also known as ‘cheerios’ or ‘saveloy’ sausages? Producers of mostly vegetarian products, Quorn, already have a readily available option, but unfortunately for vegans, these contain egg, so LM’s new offering are a god-sent. Try LM’s cocktail sausages at your next birthday party, child’s event, buffet, afternoon tea, or serve as an easy hanger-fix. These cocktail sausages, dipped in tomato sauce are a nostalgic modern take on a classic, popular party food.

RRP £2

Vegetarian ‘Beef Roast’ With Caramelised Onion, Red Wine and Shallot Glaze

Inspired by the traditional beef roast, this product is made from a soya base, and is likely to be found in the frozen section of your local supermarket. The previous ‘beef roast’ product by LM was vegetarian, but this faux-beef roast is deliciously dairy-free, egg-free, and suitable for vegans. With a cook time of merely 60 minutes, your next Sunday roast, and Christmas Lunch, just massively upped it’s game. An added bonus is that you can save time by not having to make a separate gravy, as this product comes with a glaze already! Find these at Sainsbury’s.

RRP £3.50

Vegetarian Beef, Mushroom and Spinach Wellington Bites

Did someone say vegan-friendly beef wellington bites? Linda McCartney now has you covered! These are guaranteed to be a show-stopper at pot-lucks, picnics, buffets and Christmas events. Or, cook some up and slap onto a bed of mashed potatoes, gravy and mushy peas, put your feet up and feast on hearty, easy, comforting vegan food that will even have meat-eaters fooled. These plant-based bites are wrapped in a layer of puff pastry, with a hearty beef-flavoured base made from soya, alongside mushroom and spinach undertones. Available at Sainsbury’s.

RRP £2

Vegetarian Chorizo Cocktail Sausages

If you asked for vegan chorizo cocktail sausages, Linda McCartney has answered your pleas, and answered your prayers. best described as a miniature version of the existing LM chorizo and red pepper sausages, long-time fanatics of these comforting foods will be familiar with the flavour of these. No doubt bringing these as hiking snacks, picnic food, Christmas potlucks and buffets or Autumnal bonfires, will make you the most popular and well-loved guest by foodies. Available at Sainsbury’s.

RRP £2


Got a BBQ, social lunch, buffet, pot-luck, or party coming up? Stock up with some, or all, of these four new products by Linda McCartney, before the rest of the vegans foodies get there and buy them out.

Image Credit: Linda McCartney Foods