5 New Vegan Ice Cream Flavors From So Delicious Now Available in U.S. Stores

Vegan brand So Delicious, producer of a wide range of nondairy frozen desserts, has released five new flavors of frozen desserts in select U.S. locations.

These deliciously dairy-free frozen dessert flavors include Cold Brew Coffee, Toasted Coconut Key Lime, Chocolate Drizzled Bananas Foster, Blueberry Cardamom, and Peachy Maple Pecan. Currently, the desserts have a limited availability, So Delicious has assured they will be showing up in more stores soon.

The Cold Brew Coffee flavor is “100% Arabica coffee extract paired with our creamy coconutmilk frozen dessert—if your treat time needs a wake-up call, try two spoonfuls of this.” 

Toasted Coconut Key Lime is described as “[i[nstant island state of mind. Breezy, refreshing key lime and organic toasted coconut swirled together in our creamy coconutmilk frozen dessert. Hold the little umbrella.” 

Whereas, Blueberry Cardamom is the dessert to “[s]pice things up. Bright blueberries, a little cardamom spice and organic coconuts make a delicious flavor combo in our creamy coconutmilk frozen dessert.”

A modern take on a timeless favorite, Chocolate Drizzled Bananas Foster is “[i[nspired by the classic, enjoy this banana-vanilla-chocolate chip sensation that’s making a comeback. Or did it ever go away? Perfectly paired with our cashewmilk frozen dessert.” 

Customers who choose the Peachy Maple Pecan flavor should “[g]et ready for the flavor experience of Non-GMO Project Verified peaches, pecans and maple syrup, matched with our cashewmilk frozen dessert. Peach out, everybody.”

While So Delicious’s new ice creams they aren’t necessarily low-calorie, but as a plant-based treat, they do have fewer calories than their animal-based counterparts. In comparison to most dairy-based frozen desserts, these indulgent treats are free from cholesterol, cow pus, added growth hormones and other risky components common in dairy.

So Delicious made headlines earlier this month when the company released an almond and cashew milk blend, sold in recycled plant-based plastic bottles.

Vegan desserts are expected to be a top food trend for 2018. And the ice cream sector, in particular, is rich with vegan offerings. Category leaders Ben & Jerry’s, Halo Top, Häagen Dazs, and Jeni’s all recently added vegan options to their product lines and scoop shops.

Image Credit: So Delicious | The Bearded Vegans