5 New Must-Have Vegan Beauty Products Coming to Whole Foods

5 New Must-Have Vegan Beauty Products Coming to Whole Foods

If your new year’s resolution is to look after your skin – or maybe just to try some new, exciting products – then Whole Foods has got you covered. The chain is launching some new makeup and skincare products in 2019 that are absolute must-tries for anybody who is into their cruelty-free, natural, vegan beauty. From cleansing oil to metallic highlighters, you won’t want to miss out on what the new year has to offer. Here are five new vegan beauty products set to arrive on Whole Foods shelves in 2019.

5 Must-Have Vegan Beauty Products Arriving at Whole Foods in 2019

1. Cocokind Collective Highlighters

Cocokind’s lightweight, easy-to-use highlighters are set to arrive at Whole Foods stores in February. According to the brand, they’re made from the unusual beauty ingredient mushrooms, but they sooth skin and protect against damage beautifully. Cocokind notes that these highlighters provide “a radiant playful look for all skin types, use each shade alone or layer them together to personalize your look!”

Find out more about Cocokind here.

2. Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil

Like Cocokind’s highlighters, Mad Hippie’s Cleansing Oil will be on Whole Foods shelves in February. Made with natural ingredients – including pumpkin oil, rosehip oil, safflower oil, ginger, white oil, and vegan squalane – the cleansing oil is ideal for removing makeup at the end of a long day. According to Refinery 29, “This blend of ginger, rose hip, and pumpkin seed oil makes taking off makeup less of a chore – and more of a zen experience.”

Find out more about Mad Hippie here.

3. Not Your Mother’s Scalp Scrub

Not Your Mother’s brand new scalp scrub will also be launching in Whole Foods in February. With activated bamboo charcoal and purple moonstone, this product will make sure your scalp is detoxified and cleansed before a wash. According to the brand, the scrub, which contains natural jojoba beads, will absorb impurities for a balanced PH and leave your head feeling rejuvenated.

Find out more about Not Your Mother’s here.

4. Seed Phytonutrients Conditioner

This light Seed Phytonutrients conditioner will, you guessed it, also be arriving in February to Whole Foods. It’s incredibly lightweight and easy-to-use, in fact, it’s so lightweight, it can even be used as a leave-in conditioner. According to the brand, the product gives off an aroma of sea salt and bergamot and is made with camelina seed oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut, shea butter, and turmeric. It’s also gluten-free and paraben-free and comes in recycled paper packaging.

Find out more about Seed Phytonutrients here.

5. Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Stick

Part of its tomatoes range, this detoxifying charcoal stick is the first of its kind for Yes to. It’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, and of course, packed with tomatoes. Other ingredients include detoxifying charcoal – as the name suggests – and salicylic acid. According to the brand, it will begin to work on your skin within just five minutes. It notes, “Just swipe on [the] mask (it really is that easy), relax and kick breakouts to the curb.” This will also be arriving at Whole Foods in February.

Find out more about Yes to here.

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