7 Mink-Free Vegan Fake Eyelashes For Cruelty-Free Cat Eyes

The perfect set of lashes can complete a makeup look. Sadly, a number of beauty companies still use mink fur to create their fake eyelash products; the animals are confined in small spaces on fur farms, causing them immense distress, discomfort, and leaving them vulnerable to diseases. However, the good news is there are plenty of vegan lash companies out there that don’t use mink, meaning you can still create a fuller lash look, without having to cause cruelty to animals.

7 Mink-Free Vegan Fake Eyelashes For Cruelty-Free Cat Eyes

1. E.L.F. Cosmetics

Cruelty-free E.L.F. Cosmetics offers a variety of different lash styles, if you want to enhance your lashes but still look natural, try its Natural Lash Kit. If you’ve got a big night out planned and you want everyone to notice the amount of effort you’ve put into your look, opt for its Maximum Drama Luxe Lash Kit.

2. Georgie Beauty

All of Georgie Beauty’s stunning lashes are vegan and cruelty-free. In fact, its products are so popular that they keep selling out, so you may have to check back a few times to get the kit you want.

According to the brand’s website, all of its products are made for a new generation of consumers. “A new generation means a new genre,” it notes. “And we call it eco-luxe beauty. Georgie Beauty respects animals, the environment, and your skin while never compromising beautiful design or the luxury experience.”

3. House of Lashes

House of Lashes creates reasonably-priced, durable, high-quality, cruelty-free lashes with human and synthetic hair, but absolutely no mink. According to its website, the brand strives to be a global leader in cruelty-free eyelashes, “providing innovative, on trend, never before seen products that empower our customers worldwide.” The brand also works closely with its factories in Indonesia, ensuring standards are high-quality, and its staff are happy, healthy, and well looked after. 

4. Aether Lashes

Aether Lashes’ products are made from soft synthetic signature fibers, not a mink hair in sight – and the brand wants to keep it that way. On its website, it even dedicates a whole section to educating consumers about the truth surrounding mink lashes and how the hair is obtained.

5. Jolie Beauty

Jolie Beauty offers a range of handcrafted, soft, and luxurious silk-free faux mink lashes. According to the brand, its lashes are so well made, they can be worn up to 20 times. It encourages customers to “keep it ethical and say no to mink.”

6. Unicorn Cosmetics

No unicorns were harmed in the making of these lashes, and neither were any minks (or any other animals for that matter). Unicorn Cosmetics’ lashes are stylish, cruelty-free, and vegan. Looking to bulk buy? Luckily for you, the brand offers discounted bundles of its unique 3D lashes.

7. Tigress Beauty

Available in four different cruelty-free styles, these lashes by Tigress Beauty will give you all the confidence of a female tiger. The brand’s motto is “Fierce. Untamed. You.” You’ll definitely feel every inch of this once you’ve applied these easy to use lashes.

Image Credit: House of Lashes 

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