7 Tips on How to Go Vegan When You Live with Meat-Eaters

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For many, the transition to veganism is an exciting and important time. However, when you live with people who eat meat, things might become challenging. Luckily, there are ways – and here are 7 of them!

7 Tips on How to Go Vegan When You Live with Meat-Eaters

1. Purchase a Vegan Cookbook

This is a great start; having a vegan cookbook around the house can open minds and break stereotypes surrounding the kinds of foods vegans eat. It might even inspire your housemates to try a few dishes. Alternatively, you could offer to make some meals for the household to share. They’ll likely appreciate the gesture and it will give you a chance to impress them with delicious vegan food.

2. Find Restaurants That Cater for Vegans and Meat-Eaters

As a new vegan, eating out can sometimes feel like a minefield. But don’t worry, it’s not all lettuce and chips! Most restaurants feature menus on their website, allowing you to do your research beforehand and easily find out what’s vegan. Or you could download an app which does the work for you. Eating out with friends is a great way to show others the lifestyle is not as restrictive as some may believe, and of course, a nice way to spend time with friends.

3. Try Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays are seeing increasing popularity around the globe. If your housemates are up for it, you might suggest dedicating one day a week whereby the household goes without meat (it doesn’t have to be a Monday). They might even want to do more meatless days if they really enjoy it.

4. Find ‘Accidentally Vegan’ Products

It’s possible that a lot of the food your housemates are eating is already vegan. Depending on where you live, products such as Oreos, brands of crisps, biscuits, and noodles, for instance, are well-loved and ‘accidentally vegan’. A quick read over the ingredients, or the use of a vegan barcode scanner app, can open up a whole new world of easy, vegan snacking.

5. Establish a Few Ground Rules

This all depends on personal preference. Most understanding housemates will be happy to be flexible, as long as your requests are within reason. You may want to have meat kept on separate fridge shelves, or even have designated pots and pans which are only used for plant-based food. Although, some vegans do not mind sharing if they’ve been washed.

6. Take a Trip to a Farmers’ Market

Going to the farmers’ market as a group is not only a nice way to bond with your housemates but a good opportunity to pick up some seasonal veggies that you and the household can enjoy. Even if they add meat to their meal, it will still give you a chance to pick up nutritious and delicious veggies to make your meals better than ever.

7. Connect With Other Vegans

If you want to connect with others who are on the same journey as you, there are many vegan Facebook groups online, making it easier than ever to find and befriend fellow vegans. There’s even a vegan dating app if you are seeking a plant-based partner.

The possibilities are endless! Good luck and have fun on your journey. It’s one of the most rewarding things you can do.