9 Chocolatey Vegan Gifts Perfect for Mum This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching in the UK, but if you haven’t got a present for your mum yet to say thank you for being so wonderful,  don’t panic.  The classic, simple gift of chocolate is guaranteed to please, perhaps even more so if it’s vegan. If you want to show your appreciation for all the little things your mum does for you, what better way is there to say thank you than with a hamper or a box of cruelty-free sweet treats?

See below for our top nine vegan chocolatey picks, perfect to spoil your mum with this Sunday.

9 Chocolatey Vegan Gifts Perfect for Mum This Mother’s Day

1. Hotel Chocolat’s All Dark Vegan Hamper

Hotel Chocolat All Dark Vegan Hamper | image/Hotel Chocolat

Described as a “cocoa-lovers dream come true”, the all dark vegan hamper from Hotel Chocolat is the perfect gift for any chocolate obsessed mum. It’s packed with a variety of treats, including a Fruit & Nut Dark Slab, Dark Chocolate Ginger Puddles, Mini Hazelnut Buche Log, and a Chocolate Pocket Box. The company writes, “our vegan chocolate hamper contains brooding high-cocoa recipes for those who prefer their chocolate on the dark side.”

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2. Cheeky Nilla’s Cheeky Mother’s Day Gift Set

Cheeky Mother’s Day Gift Set by Cheeky Nilla | image/Cheeky Nilla

Cheeky Nilla — a family-focused, fair trade, vegan-friendly chocolate brand — offers this dairy-free hamper, packed with indulgent treats for your mum to sink her teeth into this weekend. Cheeky Nilla says, “make this Mother’s Day extra special with these delicious treats from Cheeky Nilla. Whether you’re celebrating your mum, step mum, or grandma. It’s the sweetest way to show her that you care.”

It includes two chocolate bags, one is made from Belgian dark chocolate, and the other from vegan brown chocolate. You can also select your own chocolate bar to be added to the gift set, vegan options include Mango, Strawberry, and Cornflower Pink White Chocolate and Orange, Raspberry, and Cornflower Belgian Dark Chocolate. It even comes packed together in a pretty floral tin.

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3. Booja-Booja’s Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles

Booja-Booja Hazelnut Truffles | image/Booja-Booja

You can’t go far wrong with Booja-Booja, the award-winning vegan brand offers indulgent, delicious chocolates for all occasions. If you’re wondering about the name, the website notes, “Booja-Booja is the feeling, the sound that flows with first bite. It’s pleasurable oneness with all that is arising.” So that has cleared that one up.

These truffles are the perfect combination of chocolatey goodness and roasted Italian hazelnuts. They’re organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and made with four simple ingredients: cocoa powder, chocolate, hazelnuts, and coconut oil.

They’re available from a number of UK stores, including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and online at Ocado. Or you can buy them here.

4. Kennard’s Triple Espresso Vegan-Friendly Chocolates

Kennards Espresso Chocolates | image/Kennards

This is one for mums who love a good coffee and to indulge in chocolate every now and again. Kennard’s multi-award winning espresso vegan chocolates are handmade with freshly ground coffee, and few other ingredients, to ensure that the strong flavor of the espresso pops. Kennard’s says, “a beautiful, bold coffee taste will linger on your palette.”

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5. Montezuma’s Vegan Truffle Collection

Montezuma’s Vegan Truffle Collection | image/Montezuma

Whilst the taste “would fool most people into thinking that they were conventionally made with butter and cream,” these truffles are 100% vegan! It’s no surprise the vegan truffle collection from Montezuma’s is a best seller, it ticks all the boxes. It includes Dark Chocolate with Orange, Very Dark Chocolate Truffles, Dark Chocolate with Almond Praline, and Dark Chocolate with Freshly Brewed Coffee.

One reviewer said of the vegan company, “there is no situation so dire that it can’t be improved by chocolate! I am a long term devotee of Monty’s, so if I want to help a friend in need, where else would I turn?”

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6. Chocoholic Box by Vegan Tuck Shop

Chocoholic Box by the Vegan Tuck Shop | image/Vegan Tuck Shop

If you’re looking for a real selection of different tastes and textures of vegan chocolates, the Chocoholic Box by Vegan Tuck Shop could be the gift you’re after. It contains 8-10 different luxury chocolate options, including a Vego bar, Vegan Nirvana chocolate, and Torino Mousse.

Vegan Tuck Shop says, “Does your mouth water at the mere mention of chocolate? Then our Chocoholic box is perfect for you. Now you can follow a compassionate lifestyle and still enjoy the best tasting chocolate with our finest selection of vegan confectionery.”

The company will even include a handwritten note to your mum if you desire, so you can tell her just how much you appreciate her and shower her with chocolate to prove it. One reviewer said, “I am obsessed with this box. I have purchased this box many times already and when I say many, I mean many. If anyone loves chocolate as much as I do then this is the box to get. And what’s even is it’s all vegan.”

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7. Divine’s Dark Chocolate Ginger Thins

These delicious Divine Dark Chocolate Ginger Thins are the perfect gift if your mum is not quite a chocoholic, but likes just a little taste of something sweet to round off dinner. The best part about these chocolates is they are not just vegan, but they’re truly fair trade too.
All of the cocoa beans for Divine are grown in Ghana by Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of farmers. The farmers own the largest share of Divine and receive 44% of all profits from the company.

Divine says on its website“the chocolate is sweetened with sugar from Kasinthula, a Fair trade co-operative in Malawi and flavoured with creamy vanilla from Fairtrade farmers in Madagascar. Owned by cocoa farmers, made for chocolate lovers.”

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8. Booja-Booja’s Honeycomb Caramel Chocolate Truffles

Honeycomb Caramel Truffles by Booja Booja | image/Booja Booja

Booja-Booja is so good, it makes it to the list twice. These organic Honeycomb Caramel Chocolate Truffles are made with only six ingredients, chocolate, coconut oil, coconut syrup, sugar, cocoa, powder, and vanilla extract. The brand notes, “melt in your mouth, smooth vanilla caramel truffles with golden honeycomb surprises.”

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9. Organic Raw Chocolate Salted Caramel Box by Enjoy Raw Chocolate

Luxury Salted Caramel Chocolates | image/Enjoy Raw Chocolate

Who doesn’t love salted caramel? If your mum can’t get enough of it, then this Raw Chocolate Salted Caramel Box by Enjoy Raw Chocolate could be the gift for her. This box contains 12 “indulgent salted caramel centres encased in 75% dark raw chocolate shells,” according to Yumbles. One reviewer said, “brilliant box of chocolates. Worth every penny. Not too sweet, delicate flavours and satisfying. Will definitely buy again and would recommend!”

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