7 Vegan Gifts Perfect for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is nearly here (it’s on March 11th in the UK and May 13th in the U.S.). If you’re planning on spending some quality time with the maternal figure in your life and need some gift-spiration to spoil her rotten, we have the list for you. See below for a selection of 7 cruelty-free, animal-friendly, vegan suggestions on what to get your special lady this coming Sunday.

7 Vegan Gifts Perfect for Mother’s Day

Lush Vegan Bath Oils

Mother’s Day is a time for your mum to kick back and relax. And what better way is there to do this than with a relaxing bath, complete with some Lush vegan bath oils? Back in January, the brand released 17 new oils, 16 of which are vegan.

Read more about which are suitable, here.

Chloe Coscarelli’s New Vegan Cookbook

Does your mum love to cook? Maybe some vegan cooking inspiration wouldn’t go amiss. Chloe Coscarelli’s brand new book “Chloe Flavor: Saucy, Crispy, Spicy, Vegan” is more than qualified for the job. Maybe you could even offer to rustle up one of the tasty nutritious recipes for her on the day?

A Donation to a Local Animal Sanctuary

Do you and your mum share a love for animals? Donating to a local animal sanctuary on your mum’s behalf would be a kind gesture this Mother’s Day. Perhaps you could even arrange a visit, to spend some quality time with each other and the animals.

Love Cocoa’s Vegan Avocado Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate and avocado? Now, you buy the perfect mix of the two. This creamy nutritious bar from Love Cocoa is guaranteed to be well received this Sunday.

Vegan Bath Bomb’s from the Body Shop

Treat your mum to a vegan bath bomb this Sunday. The Body Shop has a variety of bath bombs and beauty products suitable for vegans. See the range here.

Eden Perfumes Gift Box

Eden Perfumes is a Brighton-based company of animal lovers, all their products are vegan and cruelty-free! Splash out with a perfume gift box and spoil your mum this Mother’s Day.

Vegan Cupcakes from the Vegan Bakery

Mother’s Day is a time for your mum to relax and indulge! These vegan cupcakes come in a variety of flavours, ranging from Apple Crumble and Custard to Cappuccino to Blackcurrant Viennese Whirl.