7 Vegan Halloween Costume Ideas for Animal Lovers

7 Vegan Halloween Costume Ideas for Animal Lovers

Some people know what they’re going to be for Halloween in July. They’ve planned, scoured the thrift shops, and even made a matching outfit for their significant other or child. Others, however, always leave the costume to the last minute. But this year is different. We’ve rounded up a list of both unique and easy to throw together vegan Halloween costume ideas so you’re not scrambling through your closet the night before the big day. Who knows? This might be the year you, of all people, win the prestigious best costume award!

7 Vegan Halloween Costumes

1. Avocado

Vegan or not, everyone loves avocados. From guac to avocado toast, this creamy, fatty fruit is almost as popular as the Pumpkin Spice Latte. If you’re handy with a sewing kit, swing by the fabric store and make your own. We, however, went the Amazon route. You can find this costume here, and don’t forget the avocado socks, which you can wear year-round. Need a partner costume? You can both dress as two halves of an avocado, or your partner can dress up as a piece of toast!

2. Justin Timberlake in the SNL Vegandale Skit

Vegan Halloween Costumes

One of the “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) skits that have become ingrained in pop culture is the 2013 Justin Timberlake performance of “Veganville.”  Dressed us as an energetic block of tofu, Timberlake sang and danced to iconic tunes, altering the lyrics to promote his fictional vegan cafe. Today, a Vegandale actually exists and is thriving in downtown Toronto. To mimic Timberlake’s look, find a large cardboard box, cut holes for your arms and head, and paint it white. Wear a white bodysuit or white pants and a long sleeve shirt underneath. Paint “Extra Firm” on it or print out the logo of your favorite tofu brand and stick it onto the box. Not so crafty? Check out this shirt.

3. Vegan Celebrity

There are so many vegan celebrities these days, so you can get fairly creative here. Find your doppelganger or dress up as someone who inspires you. Women can choose from Miley Cyrus, Evanna Lynch (or her character Luna Lovegood), Natalie Portman (or the Black Swan), and more. For men, there’s MobyMorrissey, Travis Barker, Kevin Smith, and many more. Celebrity costumes are generally easy to put together, as you’re just dressing up as another person. Scour your closet and you’ll likely find something you can use to mimic a celebrity’s look. For example, Miley loves her Converse, and Kevin Smith always wears a hockey jersey and backward baseball cap. Done.

4. Vegan Athlete

Vegan Formula One Driver Lewis Hamilton Wins the Japan Grand Prix

As with vegan celebrities, vegan athletes are becoming more commonplace. They’re also perfect for throwing a costume together from what you have on hand. Transform into an Olympic athlete by donning a cycling suit to dress up as Dotsie Bausch, or find an ice skating outfit to mimic Meaghan Duhamel. You can find a cheap “gold medal” at any local party store. Men can dress up as Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton, or wear a pair of shorts and running shoes with swim goggles and say you’re vegan Ironman Rich Roll. There are also tons of football and soccer players that have gone vegan, so if that’s more your style, gear up! For a fun partner costume, dress up as Serena and Venus Williams by wearing tennis attire.

5. Rescued Farm Animal

vegan halloween costumes

Dressing up as an animal for Halloween is fairly common, but instead of being a cat or a mouse, make a statement as a cow, pig, chicken, or another farm animal. The sign is optional, but if someone asks, you can always say something like, “Oh, I’m a cow because I’m vegan and I love cows.” No direct confrontation needed, but it gets the point across. Animal costumes are super cute for kids as well!

6. Your Favorite Vegetable

If you’re “the vegan” in your friend or family group, Halloween is the time to fully embrace this identity. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but people tend to respect those who can take a joke and laugh at themselves. By being “cool,” you might just earn their trust and peak their curiosity about the vegan lifestyle. Get creative and make your own, or have your carrot or broccoli costume arrive conveniently at your doorstep. Just a note, you might want to forgo eating whatever you’re dressed up as for the night. Avoid the carrot sticks and hummus if you can!

7. Trending

Embrace the stereotypes. Veganism is trending, and although vegans come in all walks of life, it’s still often associated with the “hipster” and millennial lifestyle. So go all in and have fun with it. Wear athleisure, carry an oat milk PSL latte or a green juice, and strap a yoga mat to your back. Don’t forget to always have your phone out and take selfies and food photos every chance you get. For guys, rock the man bun (if you can) and wear a pair of lensless glasses. #Trending #Vegan.

Image Credit: Daniella Monet

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