7 Vegan Natural Nutrition Bars That Pack in Some Serious Plant-Based Protein

go macro

No doubt, whole, plant-based foods provide optimal nutrition in the purest form. However, in our constantly rushing society, whole foods may not be the most convenient source of nutrition. We’ve all tried peeling a banana at a stoplight only to have the light turn green on us mid-peel, and sometimes there’s just no time to meal prep, even something as simple as overnight oats. For those who rely on bars to get them through hectic days, there’s a healthy vegan solution. Gone are the heavily-processed cardboard “diet” bars of the ’90s; these bars provide quality vegan nutrition and protein without unnatural additives, and they actually taste like food instead of chemicals. So, time that stoplight perfectly, rip open the package, and enjoy a convenient and balanced plant-based meal on the go.

7 Vegan Protein-Packed Nutrition Bars

1. Go Macro

go macro bar

Whether you’re looking for a snack to tide you over in the afternoon, or a protein-packed bite to sustain you through the day, grab a Go Macro bar. All bars are made with non-GMO, organic ingredients, and the protein varieties deliver 10 grams of brown rice protein per serving. They’re slightly chewy and sweet enough for a treat. Try the new blueberry cashew bar for a taste that goes beyond the tired chocolate peanut butter flavor.

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bar on sand

Need something to stave off the hunger on your flight to Maui? Skip the airplane food and reach for an Aloha bar. These sweet and hearty treats are made with organic ingredients and pack in 14 grams of plant protein. Flavors include Vanilla Almond, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Tastes like dessert. Fuels like a handful of nuts and seeds.

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3. Nuttzo

nuttzo bar

Small but mighty, Nuttzo bars are packed with nutrient-dense nuts and seeds. When this nut butter company decided to make bars, they meant business. Each bite is bursting with a blend of unique nut and seed combinations, like the Power Fuel, which contains cashews, brazil nuts, almonds, flax, chia, and pumpkin seeds, and Celtic sea salt. There’s no added sugar, so they’re not too sweet. It’s like a spoonful of the most epic nut butter ever, in bar form.

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larabar on cutting board

Get your greens. LÄRABAR is known for its minimal ingredient fruit-and-nut bars, but the new products include a helping of veggies as well. The nutritious yet tasty bars come in three flavors, all with just five simple ingredients. Try the Strawberry Spinach Cashew made purely with strawberries, cashews, spinach, apricots, and apples.

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5. Go Raw

go raw bar

Ditch the sugar-laden granola bars and go raw. These protein bars offer the same satisfying crunch using all natural, raw vegan ingredients to keep you going without the crash. They also differ from the typical nut-and-seed bar, as they’re made with watermelon seeds to deliver 12 grams of quality protein. They also come in slightly lighter, more refreshing flavors, such as Cinnamon Spice and Zesty Lemon.

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6. Pegan Protein Bars

pegan protein bars

Searching for an allergen-friendly bar without tons of sugar? Pegan bars are gluten, soy, and corn-free, in addition to being 98% organic, vegan and paleo-friendly, and non-GMO. Each bar delivers 20 grams of seed protein as well as 17-27 grams of fiber, depending on the variety. Pegan bars come in dessert-like flavors such as Gingersnap Cookie and Cinnamon Roll, but they’re naturally sweetened with monk fruit.

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7. Nii Bars

Nii Bar

Get your caffeine and nutrition in one delicious plant-based bite. The Coffee “Awake” Nii bar is infused with organic and fair trade coffee, along with other natural nut-based ingredients, for an easily digestible 7 grams of protein without the grit of other products made with protein isolates.

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