7 Vegan Wrist Watches for That Timeless Holiday Gift

It’s now officially December, and that means if you haven’t started your holiday gift shopping yet, it’s probably time to get going. If you’re lacking in inspiration for gifts, a watch is a “timeless” classic. And if you’re planning on celebrating a more compassionate holiday season this year, the good news is there are plenty of cruelty-free strap options on offer.

With this in mind, we’ve curated seven beautifully crafted watches with vegan straps to help you give the gift of time and compassion.

7 Vegan Watches for a Timeless Cruelty-Free Christmas Gift

1. Petite Vegan Leather Watch by Aubry

This super stylish vegan leather watch with a rose gold-plated case will go with anything. The strap can also be interchanged with any of Aubry’s other petite straps, which are available in vegan leather or mesh.

Check it out here.

2. Natural Cork Watch by Baume

This minimalist, sustainable cork watch by Baume isn’t just stylish, but it’s environmentally responsible too. In fact, all of Baume’s designs are. Each strap is made from either natural or upcycled materials.

Have a closer look here.

3. Blue & White Nato Watch by Fjordson

This watch with a Blue & White Nato strap is available for people of all genders. According to Fjordson, the design was inspired by “Scandinavian nature, minimalistic design and culture.”

See here for more information.

4. Gold & White Mesh Classic by Votch

This stunning mesh watch by cruelty-free company Votch would suit any wrist. It comes with an interesting backstory, too. After the company’s founder suffered from a condition where her skin fell off, she vowed never to put any animal through the same pain for materials such as leather. She started her vegan watch company Votch, and never looked back.

Check out the watch here.

5. Amalfi Petite Watch by Hurtig Lane

This dainty watch is “elegant, sophisticated and most importantly cruelty-free,” notes Hurtig Lane. Even better, it’s available in eight different colors.

Have a closer look here.

6. Woodland Bunny Watch by Olivia Burton

Not all of Olivia Burton’s designs are vegan-friendly, but the company offers a multitude of cruelty-free options, like this sweet British countryside-inspired woodland bunny design.

For more information see here.

7. Sue by Canisberg

Named “Sue,” this minimalist vegan watch by Germany-based Canisberg is made from sandalwood. The brand notes, “Sporty elegance and lust for adventure meets sustainable materials and craftsmanship with our model “‘Sue.'”

See here for a closer look.

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