89-Year-Old Dog Lover Knitted 450 Coats and Blankets for Shelter Pups

89-Year-Old Dog Lover In Basildon Knitted 450 Coats for Shelter Pups

An 89-year-old dog lover has knitted 450 coats and blankets for pups at her local shelter.

Dogs Trust, a 127-year-old charity that works to find homes for dogs throughout the UK, took to Instagram to share the news. “Local dog lover Maisie Green aged 89 years hand knits blankets and dog coats for Dogs Trust Basildon,” it wrote.

According to the charity, Green has hand-knitted sweaters and blankets for dogs at the Basildon centre for years.

“It keeps me busy and I often like to knit whilst I watch television,” Green told Tin Canada. It takes her three days to knit a doggy blanket and one day to make a coat. “I’m delighted to be helping the four-legged residents of the centre in some way.”

Green is one of many volunteers who regularly help the shelter dogs. According to Dogs Trust, its shelters care for as many as 1,400 stray and homeless pups at any given time.

As with many shelters, the Basildon Dogs Trust encourages locals to help care for its animals through donating blankets and sweaters to make the pups more comfortable. Animal lovers can also volunteer, giving its canine residents some one-on-one time with humans, which can help to build trust.

Green is not alone in making life better for less fortunate dogs. Kristyn Caicedo, an 11-year-old resident of Houston, Texas, is the co-founder of the nonprofit organization SavFur Rescue. The charity creates organic vegan dog treats for the pets of homeless people. According to SavFur rescue, between five and 10 percent of homeless people have pets. Every time a bag of treats is purchased, a meal is given to a homeless animal.