9 London Hotspots Every Vegan Traveller Should Visit

London is quickly becoming a vegan destination, with shops, restaurants, and businesses cropping up all over the city. Many existing non-vegan establishments are also adapting menus in order to keep up with the growing trend for all things cruelty-free. If you’re a vegan visiting London, or are a local stuck for ideas, this list of 9 hotspots will give you some vegan inspiration for your time in the capital!

9 London Hotspots Every Vegan Traveller Should Visit

1. Temple of Seitan

temple of seitan

Temple of Seitan tops the list as the most desirable vegan venue in London. Located in Hackney, with a second store recently opened in Camden, Temple of Seitan creates fast, delicious, vegan junk food that is sure to satisfy the cravings of any hungry traveller. Chick’n Wings, the Chick’n Temple Burger, the BBQ Bacon Hamburger, and Bone-in Ribs are just some of the vegan delights available on the menu.

2. “Vegan Nights” on Brick Lane

Located on Brick Lane, in Shoreditch, East London, Vegan Nights is a monthly night market popular with locals and tourists alike. The market hosts a variety of food vendors, serves cruelty-free drinks and provides entertainment, such as DJs and live acts, into the night.

For updates on upcoming events see Vegan Nights Instagram account.

3. The Blacksmith & Toffeemaker

When in London, visiting a traditional English pub is a must. This Islington pub decided to ditch the meat grinder and go fully vegan at the start of the new year. Sales, as a result, are booming“It’s incredible. Everything we make we sell,” the general manager of the pub, Pyror, told Veganuary. “Everyone is willing us to succeed which is something you just don’t get with any other crowd.” 

4. Anita’s Kitchen

London is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the UK, so why not try your hand at cooking up a few different cuisines whilst your passing through? Anita’s Kitchen in Harrow runs vegan cooking workshops specializing in Indian, African, Middle Eastern cuisines. So when you get home from your travels, you can impress your friends and family with your new recipe knowledge.

5. Cookies and Scream

Cookies and Scream is a vegan and gluten-free bakery located on Holloway Road, North London. Vegan cookies, brownies, pies, and donuts are all readily available and the thick ‘Scream’ shakes, vegan ice cream blended with cookies or brownies, are not to be missed!

6. Zen Buddha

Zen Buddha, located in Edgware, offers a fully vegan, Chinese menu. Vegetarian Sesame Toast, Deep Fried Veggie Prawn Balls, Spicy Smoked Shredded Chicken, and Pan-Fried Veggie Fish with Sweet Chilli are just some of the dishes you and your travelling buds can fill up on. You could even order straight to your hotel or hostel!

7. Mildreds

London vegan and vegetarian chain, Mildreds, has restaurants in Camden, Soho, Kings Cross, and Dalston. So, wherever you are in the city, there’s likely to be a Mildreds within reach! Mildreds opened in the 1980s and has been satisfying the appetites of London’s vegan and vegetarian clientele with its international-inspired cuisine ever since.

8. What the Pitta

London’s first vegan döner kebab shop, What the Pitta, opened in Camden in March. The shop started off as a stall in Shoreditch and has since grown in popularity, allowing the team to open up a brick and mortar store. Soya pieces, fresh bread, vegan tzatziki, and hummus make up the vegan kebab, the menu also offers Turkish Pizza and a Couscous Salad Box.

9. Just Fab

Embrace your tourist status and dine on vegan Italian delights on an authentic, vintage, big red London bus. The Just Fab Italian food bus, based in Hackney, was inspired by the street food scene in Sicily.  Vegan Polenta, Vegamisù, and Panelle Fritters are just some of the vegan dishes on offer.