10 Accidentally Vegan Chip Flavors Available in The U.S

While chips are certainly not the healthiest snack foods, we made the executive decision that these guilty pleasures still deserve their very own list. A selection of perfect on-the-go grub for when you’re traveling and in a pinch for healthier options or simply when you just fancy a bit of treat. What’s more is that you can happily munch away knowing that no dairy or other animal products are to be found in any of these flavours — cruelty free convenience food just got crunchy!

10 Accidentally Vegan Chip Flavours Available in The U.S

Kettle Brand Potato Chips

Not all of their flavours are vegan, but a wide variety are! Backyard Barbecue, Jalapeño, Maple Bacon, Pepperoncini, Red Curry, Roasted Garlic, Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Spicy Thai, Sriracha, and Unsalted varieties are all vegan-friendly so consume wisely.


The Original Sea Salt Vegetable chips are made from real vegetables and non-GMO ingredients. If you needed an excuse to justify finishing a bag of them, they also have no trans fats, no artificial flavours and no preservatives, are cholesterol free and even gluten-free.



Approximately 30% of the brand’s chip flavors contain no animal ingredients. Such as Classic, Barbecue, Deli Style-Original, Dill Pickle, Lightly Salted, Salt and Vinegar, Kettle Cooked – Original, Kettle Cooked – Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Kettle Cooked – Lattice Cut Sea Salt, Kettle Cooked – 40% Less Fat – Original, Wavy – Original, Wavy – Lightly Salted, Stax – Original, Stax – Hot ‘n’ Spicy.



Pringles are really good at labelling their packaging to indicate which products are vegan or just vegetarian, so check the back if you can’t remember. Their vegan-friendly range includes Original, Original Reduced Fat, Lightly Salted, BBQ (However not ‘Memphis BBQ’), Tortillas Original, Tortillas Zesty Salsa,  Multigrain Original, Xtra Fiery Sweet BBQ, Xtra Tangy Buffalo Wing.



These are seriously addictive, so consume with caution if you’re watching the waistline. However, these chips make a great addition to a good bowl of your favourite dip and are perfect on a picnic.


Salsa & Lime Tortilla Chips and Onion Rings are accidentally vegan and absolutely delicious, so be careful if eating a bag alone. Find their list of allergens here.


Can The Original Corn Chip ever go out of style? Pair these chips or their Bar-B-Q Flavored Corn Chips/Lay Sabritones with a hearty bowl of spicy vegan chili and you have one monster of a good meal.


We don’t advise consuming a bag every day, but for some occasions chips are just what you need with a bowl of hummus or guacamole in hand. Not all Doritos are vegan but try Spicy Sweet Chili Flavored Tortilla Chip, Toasted Corn or Chili Heatwave.

Boulder Canyon

Coconut Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper are vegan-friendly. Despite being low in sodium, we advise crisp consumption to be sparingly. These chips are also gluten-free and the producers use green energy.

Cape Cod

This brand has multiple vegan-friendly flavours including Sea Salt and Vinegar, Mesquite Barbeque, Sweet and Spicy Jalapeno, Tortilla Dipping Shells Four Bean, Original, Original – 40% less fat and most surprisingly Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Back Bay Crab Seasoning.