Actor Kate Mara Says Going Vegan Was a ‘No-Brainer’

Kate Mara

In the recent issue of Animal Equality’s biannual magazine, “Their Voice,” actor Kate Mara dives into her vegan lifestyle, favorite snacks, restaurants, and what’s most important to keep her focused on the diet.

“I have always been an animal lover and was a vegetarian for a while off and on. When I read my friend Kimberly Snyder’s book called ‘The Beauty Detox Solution’ it solidified my belief that we aren’t meant to consume animal products (whether you’re an animal lover, activist or not),” Mara told the publication. “Learning about the process that our bodies go through to digest meat and dairy was eye opening for me. My love of animals and animal activism has grown over the years so it was a no brainer for me to become a vegan. It took me a little while to fully give up cheese; otherwise, it was easy.” 

Mara says she grew up surrounded by animals and developed a passion for them at a young age, “I actually feel uneasy when there aren’t animals around,” she said.

But giving up animal products hasn’t been a sacrifice for the “House of Cards” actress. She says she enjoys eating vegan meat from California-based Beyond Meat, “their burgers and sausage are incredible.” She’s also a fan of vegan cheese from Follow Your Heart and Miyoko’s Kitchen. When she’s home, making her own almond milk is something she enjoys. Snacking is easy too with Vegan Rob’s cauliflower puffs and Earth Balance vegan cheese puffs; and hummus and crackers are solid go-to’s as well.

Mara, who lives in Los Angeles, says she enjoys dining at Crossroads and Cafe Gratitude, and she says her best advice is to be gentle with the process.

Don’t punish yourself for having cravings or not being perfect all the time,” she says. “Changing your lifestyle can take time and I’ve seen many people try to change too quickly and then give up because it was too difficult. The more we educate ourselves on where our food comes from (and what it took to get to our plates) the more thoughtful and considerate we should be in the choices we make. I found it easy to make healthy choices once I understood why being a vegan is not only good for animals but good for your body and good for our planet.”