Ex Dairy Company Turned Vegan Set to Launch Plant Based Egg Replacement

Dairy-free milk brand, Elmhurst Milked, has announced that they will soon release a vegan egg replacement as part of their range.

The company made news last year when it announced that isa s to cease production of dairy products. Elmhurst Dairy had been in the business for 92 years, but CEO Henry Schwartz felt it was time for a change, that ‘look[ed] towards the future.’

Just last month, Elmhurst Milked released their range of milk alternatives onto the market. Using nuts and a new method of creating plant-based dairy alternatives which the company calls ‘milking’, they created four delicious beverages that retained all the nutrients of the nut that the milk originates from. This innovative process has also allowed the company to stay away from including stabilisers in their products, which will be music to the ears of many health conscious consumers.

The egg replacement, that is set to be released in February 2018, will be made only of chickpeas and water and will be called Elmhurst Aquafaba. Many plant-based recipes call for the use of chickpea brine or ‘aquafaba’ to replace egg whites in recipes. Most people obtain this by using the water in canned chickpeas, however Elmhurst Milked’s new product will remove the problem of deciding what to do with the chickpeas themselves. The new product will also be free of stabilisers.

With our focus on more sustainable, plant-based foods, it only seemed natural to look toward a primary food course as a solution,’ Cheryl Mitchell of Elmhurst Milked told Vegnews. They found their solution in chickpeas. ‘Aquafaba has the amazing ability to replace egg whites in a wide variety of applications,’ says Mitchell, giving the examples of ‘…egg-free meringue, mayonnaise, marshmallows, batter and more.’

In addition to this new release, Elmhurst Milked is also set to debut more dairy free drinks soon. The products will include Milked Oats, Milked Brown Rice, Milked Peanut and Milked Peanuts-Chocolate.

Elmhurst Milked serves as an example of the ways in which companies currently relying on animal agriculture can make sensible and positive changes to contribute towards a meat and dairy free future, without losing out.

Image credit: PCC | Oh My Veggies