5 Air Fryer Recipes That Aren’t French Fries

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After ordering an air fryer in bed at 3 a.m., letting the box sit unattended for weeks, and then finally opening it up and trying it, a lot of people excitedly make French fries. Then they make them again. And again. And we aren’t judging that. Air fryer french fries are definitely the best homemade fries we’ve ever tried. But there’s a lot more out there to cook up in an air fryer, which is the it appliance of the moment (sorry, InstaPot, we’ll get back to you when it’s not 400 degrees outside). Here are 5 air fryer recipes to get you started on your journey into the beyond. Can you already hear those sizzle sounds?

5 Air Fryer Recipes That Aren’t French Fries

Apple Fries

First up: Apple fries. Especially perfect for brunch, they’re pleasingly sweet with an addictive crunch. All of a sudden, potatoes feel so passé. 

These apple fries are oh-so-sweet. | Brittney Chung for LIVEKINDLY

Sweet Potato Tempura

Into sweet potato fries? We’re about to blow your mind. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, these little golden balls of happiness will become a regular companion to that plant-based burger.

Yes, you can even whip up sweet potato tempura. | Brittney Chung for LIVEKINDLY


You read that correctly. Yes, you can make S’mores in an air fryer. Perfect for a Friday night get-together with a couple of friends, it’s also an ideal centerpiece for a solid self-care routine. Pair with red wine and do not text your ex.

Dessert is served. | Brittney Chung for LIVEKINDLY

Tofu Nuggets

This meatless take on a fast-food McFave are endlessly snackable, and the perfect canvas for the 14 sauces you’ve been hoarding.

Get your dipping sauces ready. | Brittney Chung for LIVEKINDLY

Tortilla Chips

Skip the snack aisle and fry up your own tortilla chips. Perfect with your favorite salsa, or alongside that jackfruit taco recipe your foodie friend keeps hounding you about trying.

Just add guac. | Brittney Chung for LIVEKINDLY

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