Aldi Encourages Families to Go Vegan With New Ad Campaign

International supermarket chain Aldi is encouraging UK families to go vegan with its new advertising campaign.

The new ad sees the Clayton family pledge to get active and go vegan for January, after overindulging during the Christmas period. The overarching message of the campaign is that – although it may be a challenge for some to ditch meat and dairy – buying plant-based food from Aldi is easy and affordable.

The caption of the ad, shared on the supermarket’s Facebook page, reads, “The Clayton family are going vegan for a month. It might be a challenge but the cost won’t be. Are you trying Veganuary?”

Veganuary is a month-long campaign aimed at encouraging people from all over the world to attempt to ditch meat and dairy from their diet for one month. Last year, the challenge was a huge success, with 62 percent of participants opting to remain vegan after January was over.

Like a growing number of supermarkets across the UK, Aldi stocks a range of plant-based foods in its stores, as well as a selection of vegan wines – including organic prosecco. On its website, it even offers an online guide for those who are looking to learn more about how to go vegan, as well as a range of inspiring recipes. “From flapjacks and pancakes to protein balls, bean chillis, veggie-packed curries and Buddha bowls, vegan recipes are some of the tastiest and healthiest you will find,” notes Aldi.

Last year, the chain joined the Peas Please initiative, which, with the help of major supermarkets, aims to reverse the UK’s declining vegetable consumption. As part of its Peas Please pledge, the supermarket promised to move its vegetables to an area of the store with higher footfall. It also pledged to run 12 advertisement campaigns highlighting its promotions on fruits and vegetables.

“Working with Peas Please gives us the opportunity to help our customers increase their consumption of fresh vegetables,” said Julie Ashfield, the managing director of buying at Aldi UK, in a statement. “We will also continue our work on developing recipe ideas to share with and inspire customers.”

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