Aldi Launches Vegan Easter Eggs With ‘Ferrero Rocher’ Style Chocolates

Aldi Launches Vegan Easter Eggs With 'Ferrero Rocher' Style Chocolates

Aldi UK is stocking vegan chocolate Easter eggs ahead of the holiday, making candy-lovers rejoice.

The affordable supermarket chain offers a vegan dark chocolate egg with Ferrero Rocher-like hazelnut truffles made by German chocolatier Moser-Roth. Customers also spotted Moo Free’s organic vegan milk chocolate egg, which is made with rice milk and ethically sourced cocoa. It also comes with a bag of chocolate drops.

According to the Aldi website, the grocery store chain will soon list all of its Easter options, so more vegan candy may be on the way.

Vegan Easter Candy in the UK

Other supermarkets across the UK are getting ready for Easter with dairy-free chocolates. Moo Free is also available at Morrisons, ASDA, Marks & Spender, Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose.

ASDA carries a trio of vegan Easter eggs featuring dark chocolate, dairy-free white chocolate, and one with raspberry.

Some have spotted a vegan strawberry white chocolate egg at Sainsbury’s under its “free from” own-brand.

Waitrose is also rolling out its vegan Easter line, which includes gelatin-free avocado gummies, inspired by the popularity of its chocolate avocados last year.

The nation’s leading supermarket, Tesco, carries a range of “free from” Easter candy, including salted caramel eggs, Belgian dark chocolate eggs, and unique flavors such as orange and “bunnycomb.”

Luxury chocolatier Hotel Chocolat, which has boutiques across the nation, offers seven vegan options for Easter, including two kinds of chocolate rabbits, a mint chocolate egg, pralines, and an extra-thick vegan egg packed with “luxe nuts and buches.” The launch builds upon the vegan Easter collection from last year.

“Whatever your reason for going vegan, there’s no need to give up good chocolate this April 21st,” says the website. “Made with our ‘more cocoa, less sugar’ mantra in mind, these 70% and 100% dark chocolate Easter eggs, dark chocolate bunnies, egglets and more are all vegan-friendly and – as always – brimming with cocoa satisfaction.”

Independent chocolate brand Mommy Meagz makes a vegan version of the iconic Cadbury Creme Egg, featuring “indulgent” chocolate with a creamy cocoa butter filling. The dairy-free treat was highlighted in Wales Online’s top 12 vegan Easter eggs and Vegan Food & Living’s top 10 list last year.