Aldi Reveals Its Vegan Christmas Party Food Range

Aldi Reveals Its Vegan Christmas Party Food Range

Aldi is set to release a new festive food range just in time for Christmas. And the budget-friendly supermarket chain’s holiday collection is loaded with vegan options.

For the main course, the brand will offer a soy-based vegan turkey filled with a red pepper, cranberry, apricot, and pumpkin seed stuffing. The meatless turkey will be glazed in a barbecue-style sauce.

For sides, Aldi will offer vegan cocktail sausages, meatless pigs in blankets, vegetable tempura nests, and duckless spring rolls. Also on the menu, vegan Thai roses—yellow and red roses made with a vegetable filling, spices, a curry paste, all wrapped in a decadent filo pastry.

And for dessert, the company will introduce a Vegan Chocolate Orange Melt in the Middle Pudding. The dessert features a dark chocolate sponge filled with an orange-flavored compote.

Aldi Gets More Vegan Options

The company has been expanding its vegan offerings. It launched its own meat-free range last year, called “I Am Vegan.” However, the company renamed the range to “Plant Menu” late last year, to appeal to a broader range of consumers.

Aldi recently launched new barbecue options in the UK. The vegan offerings are part of the company’s Plant Menu line. The range now includes meatless burgers and vegan kebab meat, plus an array of side dishes.

In April, Aldi added vegan “No Steak Bakes” to the range. The soy-based steakless bakes feature a rich gravy all wrapped in puff pastry. And earlier this year, the chain released its own-brand versions of Magnum’s vegan ice cream bars. The non-dairy frozen treats come in two flavors: Almond and Dark Chocolate.

Aldi Reveals Its Vegan Christmas Party Food Range
Waitrose’s festive vegan filo swirls. | Waitrose

Brands Introduce Vegan Holiday Ranges

Aldi isn’t the only company to launch a vegan festive food range.

Earlier this month, Waitrose revealed its holiday lineup. This Christmas, the British supermarket chain will debut vegan baked cheese and filo pastries.

The Festive Filo Swirls feature Moroccan-style spiced vegetables with apricots and raisins. And the Breaded Vegan Baking Melts with Redcurrent Relish will feature a coconut-based, dairy-free cheese and a crispy breadcrumb coating.

Popular Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company Lindt & Sprüngli is also gearing up for the holidays. It will launch its first-ever vegan milk chocolate bars in Germany this Christmas.