Aldi Introduce Two New Vegan Ice Creams (At a Sweeter Price Than Ben & Jerry’s)

That’s right kids, new lid-licking dairy-free ice creams are coming to your local Aldi!

So, grab a bowl or a bucket as these tubs of utter sweetness have hit the shelves already – just as the calendar clocks into November, which happens to be World Vegan Month!

Customers can expect to find new flavors including a coconut cream iced dessert and a “like-the-real-thing chocolate version”. The best part – these are from Aldi’s ‘free from’ range and are completely vegan-friendly.


Additionally, these ice creams are free of gluten and can be thrown in your shopping cart for only £1.99 a pop! Has there ever been a better excuse for Netflix documentaries and chilled vegan desserts?

These tubs are labeled clearly as vegan and the news of their release comes not long after the UK went nuts for Ben and Jerry’s dairy-free range, which debuted earlier this year.

However, Ben and Jerry’s chime in at around £5.50 per 500ml tub, whereas these new 480ml Aldi own brand puds can be yours for the sweet, sweet price of £1.99. May as well get two.



As the plant based ice cream market is set to reach a marketplace value of $1 billion, Aldi’s new ice creams couldn’t come at a better time. It is expected that all, if not most of Aldi stores across the U.K, Scotland and the U.S will carry this coconut-based dessert.


Image Credit: Aldi (modified BY LIVEKINDLY) | Twitter: @gothictoilet