ALDI Launches Range of More Affordable Vegan Protein Powders

Discount supermarket chain Aldi is making an exciting new addition to their vegan-friendly range: vegan protein.

As can be expected from Aldi, the protein powders will come in at a much cheaper price than other vegan protein options. Aldi will sell the protein powder in 100g bags for just £2.49.

Although many people can get sufficient protein from a vegan diet without supplements, protein powders are very popular with vegans who like to hit the gym and build muscle. In addition to being reasonably priced, Aldi will offer a selection of different proteins to choose from: pea, hemp, and rice.

Many people promote a plant based diet for health, however, some have concerns about losing too much weight on a plant based diet, especially if they are athletic. However many athletes have chosen a plant based diet because it makes them stronger, feel lighter and more energetic.

Aldi has been increasing its vegan offerings in recent months, thanks to a recent surge in the interest in the lifestyle. Many people who wouldn’t be able to afford vegan alternatives at other mainstream supermarkets, will be able to buy Aldi’s offering.

Aldi also offers a range of vegan superfoods, so you can get all your new year ‘fresh start’ smoothie needs at the chain.