Alexa Chung Eats Vegan Nuggets in the Latest ‘Hot Ones’ Episode

Alexa Chung Eats Vegan Nuggets in the Latest ‘Hot Ones’ Episode

Writer, host, fashion designer and vegetarian Alexa Chung appeared on today’s episode of First We Feast’s ‘Hot Ones’.

Hot Ones, which has been running for four seasons, features celebrity guests eating increasingly spicy chicken wings whilst answering questions about themselves and their careers. In Chung’s case, however, she was using vegan nuggets as the vessel for the spicy sauces.

Both Ricky Gervais and Russell Brand have also appeared on the show and eaten vegan nuggets instead of chicken wings. ‘Just as we did with your countrymen, Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais, we’re doing vegan nuggets today’, said host Sean Evans which seemed to come as a pleasant surprise to the designer.

In an interview with Elle UK’s Sophie Beresiner in 2013, Chung showed her love for another vegan food favourite when she attributed her peppiness in the face of long working and travel hours to avocados. ‘I eat a lot of avocados,’ she said. ‘I feel like if I didn’t eat avocados I might have passed away a long time ago because they’re so good for you.’

Alexa was subjected to lots of questions in the 24-minute episode, including awkward questions she has asked in interviews with other celebrities over the years.

Chung has recently released a fashion label which she named after herself, ‘Alexa Chung.’ According to PETA, all the clothes she designs are completely free of fur, angora or exotic skins.