Alicia Silverstone Launches Organic Vegan Health Brand in the UK

Alicia Silverstone Launches Organic Vegan Health Brand in the UK

Actress and longtime vegan/animal rights advocate Alicia Silverstone is a problem solver. During her pregnancy, her midwife suggested she take a prenatal vitamin. When Silverstone couldn’t find any she felt comfortable taking — either due to it being non-vegan or full of chemicals — she decided to work on making her own.

Teaming up with Garden of Life, Silverstone co-created mykind Organics. Available in the UK, the line of multivitamins is lined up to meet the many needs that the mainstream supplement industry misses.

Garden of Life writes: “The mykind Organics formulas include extracts and powders from over 30 organic fruits, veggies and herbs such as organic kale, organic sea kelp, organic broccoli, organic parsley, organic ginger, organic amla berry and Holy Basil—to name a few.” Essentially, it’s full of a lot of things that your body craves and thrives off of.

This is a product that makes Silverstone incredibly proud. “Now, there’s finally a multivitamin—Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, certified vegan and certified gluten free, made from real, organic whole foods—that health-conscious moms like me can feel good about,” she stated. There are products for men, women, and children, so there’s something for everyone.

Image Credit: Mark Coggins | Caroline Bonnarde Ucci