All-Vegan Delivery Service Launches on Australia’s Gold Coast

Herbidoor, an all-vegan meal delivery service, has launched in Australia’s Gold Coast.

7 News Gold Coast reported on the new business in a recent segment. “Herbidoor is the latest food delivery service to hit the coast,” the news outlet said. “It all starts here, Matthew Goss [Herbidoor’s founder] finds fresh produce at a local farmer’s market, cooks it to perfection, and packages by hand. It’s then put in the car and delivered to your front door.”

The business rotates its menu choices weekly to provide variety to its customers. This week, Herbidoor is offering Stroganoff with Roasted Rosemary Potato Gems, a Thai Buddha Bowl, Fettuccine Alfredo, Yellow Curry, and Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos.

Other meals Herbidoor has offered include Indian Buttered Chick-Pea, Cashew Cream Lasagne, Pineapple Sweet and Sour Tofu, Pad Thai, Nacho’s Nacho’s Man, and a Burrito Bowl.

The business also sends its recipes to those interested in a newsletter, so customers can prepare their favorites again at home.

According to Herbidoor’s website, the meals are made fresh in entirely vegan kitchens using locally farmed ingredients. Additionally, the business strives for sustainability by opting for Biopak Bagasse packaging. “Bagasse packaging is made from the pulp of the sugarcane plant, and is extremely durable, lightweight, inexpensive, and biodegrades in 30-90 days once exposed to composting conditions,” the company’s website explains.

As well as offering a healthier alternative to fast food, the meals are affordable, Goss said. Shoppers can purchase a 350-gram meal for $10, or a 500-gram meal for $12, prices that are “appealing in a competitive food industry,” 7 News commented.

According to Goss, Herbidoor is the “right business in the right area.” He told 7 News, “I think we love food here.”

“Australia’s probably leading the charge in growth around the world,” Goss added.

The number of Aussies choosing plants over meat is increasing. In December, the Daily Mail reported a “record number” of people opting for vegan Christmas meals. The publication noted than 2.1 million Aussies — roughly 8.7 percent of the population — are now “100% plant-based.”

Herbidoor delivers to South East QLD and Northern NSW, including Byron Bay, Tweed Coast, and the Gold Coast. Herbidoor is also “coming soon” to Brisbane.

Image Credit: Herbidoor