Vegan Brand Alpro Launches Chilled Coffee Range

Vegan company Alpro has announced that it will be launching its very first range of chilled coffees into UK supermarkets this month.

Alpro, which is a popular brand known for its plant based milks and yoghurts, will release two flavours of coffee on 21st January: Coffee and Soya Caramel, and Coffee and Hazelnut under the name ‘Alpro Caffè.’

The vegan brand already offers a wide range of plant milks including dark chocolate and almond, hazelnut, and soya based ‘growing up’ milks for kids.

According to just-food, Alpro’s chilled coffees will contain ‘30% less sugars than the market average’ and Alpro is also committed to using Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans.

Alpro’s head of marketing or UK & Ireland, Vicky Upton, commented on the upcoming release saying ‘Using our 35 years of experience in plant-based, we have found the perfect way to blend some of our popular plant-based ingredients with sustainably sourced coffee.’

The brand joins Califia Farms and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Dairy Free on the UK market. As veganism grows in the UK and becomes more acceptable, the demand for vegan convenience products is bigger than ever.

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s will be stocking the product initially, but in February other stores will have the product available.