70% of Americans Are Uncomfortable with The Way Animals Are Treated for Food

A recent poll conducted by Sentience Institute has revealed some interesting statistics about the US population’s attitude towards animal agriculture and the consumption of animal products.

Of the 1,094 adults surveyed, a huge 70% said agreed with the statement ‘I have some discomfort with the way animals are used in the food industry.’ Over a quarter of those that agreed, claimed they strongly agreed.

Surprisingly, nearly a third also agreed with the statement, ‘I support a ban on animal farming,’ despite the fact that less than 1% of the US population is vegan, and only 3.2% are vegetarian.

In addition to this, 97% of respondents believe that being vegetarian is a personal choice, which means that some of the respondents support policy change such as a ban on animal farming whilst believing that people should be able to consume animal products at their discretion.

The poll suggests that while people are concerned about where their food comes from, and the processes involved in farming, people may not know what the next step is. There is clearly also some concern over personal choice when it comes to the food that we eat and our farming practices.

The vegan movement is currently more popular than ever, and with its popularity comes increased accessibility. This may encourage those concerned about the treatment of animals to consider making the vegan choice at meal times when they can.