Amy’s Introduces Amazing Vegan Pizza Rolls to Range

Amy’s Kitchen has recently announced an exciting new product for anybody that is looking for a slightly healthier junk food option: vegan pizza rolls!

The completely vegetarian and organic brand is known for making tasty, more natural alternatives to family favourites. Already the brand offers a wide variety of vegan options including pizzas, burgers, enchiladas, and lasagna. Many options are also gluten-free, ensuring that no matter what your dietary requirements may be, Amy’s has you covered.

We believe that good, flavorful food is made with good, flavorful ingredients and a lot of love,’ says the company.

The brand has experienced great successes this year with its fast-food chain Amy’s Drive Thru. Back in September of this year, Amy’s announced the exciting plans to open an additional 6 drive thru sites in 2018. All of them will be in California but they hope that nationwide expansion won’t be too far behind.

Amy’s Kitchen celebrated its 30th Birthday this year. The brand originally started out making pies from the family home of Andy and Rachel Berliner in 1987, years later they are still going strong with their popular, meat-free offerings. ‘Not much has changed, except the size of our pots,’ says Amy’s.

The vegan pizza rolls called Vegan Cheeze Pizza Snacks are not only vegan and organic but also soy free, and tree nut free According to Amy’s website, ‘Each bite is filled with our house-made organic tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella cheeze, all wrapped up in a soft flour crust. They’re warm, satisfying and easy to pop in your mouth.’ Sounds pretty delicious.

If you’re wondering whether you can grab some of these snacks in a store near you, Amy’s has a helpful store locator on their website!